Wien 13 May 1898

Aug 1914 transferred from Pola to Cattaro to shell Mount Lovcen. In action 24 Aug 1914. 19 Sep 1914 shelled Sveti Vara from Cattaro. 24 Oct 1914 again shelled Mount Lovcen.

Based at Baosic until at least Dec 1915, but later at Triest.

05 Sep 1917 damaged during allied air raid on Triest. 12 Sep 1917 withdrawn temporarily to Pola. Nov/Dec 1917 shelled Italian positions in Gulf of Triest. 16 Nov 1917 shelled at Cortellazzo. Sunk 10/11 Dec 1917 at Triest by Italian MAS boat captained by Capitano di Fregeta Luigo Rizzo (see Szent István).

Complement 440 Displacement 5550t