Warasdiner 10 Sep 1914

Constructed as Lung Tuan for Imperial Chinese Navy, but not delivered by start of war.

1914 Bought from builders 01 Aug and towed from Triest to Pola. 28 Aug name Warasdiner adopted. 10 Sep put into kuk service. 19 Sep reconnaissance in Gulf of Triest. 22 Sep at Cattaro. 11-19 Oct in dock at Pola. From 24 Nov on Sebenico station.

1915 Jan mineseeking. From 01 Apr on Cattaro station. 24 Apr mineseeking with Pandur in Bojana estuary; shelled enemy positions near Antivari. 08 May reconnaissance off Pelagosa. 23 May put to sea with U9. 18 Jun escort duty with U4. 22 Jul escorted U24. 11 Aug shelled Bari. 05 Dec in action with Novara against San Giovanni di Medua; took crew of French submarine Fresnel prisoner - she was stranded in Bojana estuary; destroyed Fresnel by gun fire as she was untowable. 20 Dec took over convoy in Sabbioncello Channel and proceeded to the Bocche.

1916 10 Jan shelled Montenegrin coast. 28 Feb unsuccessfully torpedoed twice by enemy submarine near Mulo. 01 Mar at Pola. 28 Mar to Cattaro. 04 May assisting torpedoed Csepel. 02 Aug shelled Molfetta Harbour; engaged with Italian destroyer group. 26 Sep attack on Valona. 19 Oct to Pola. Mineseeking sorties and convoy assignments until 01 Dec; then repair work until 14 Jan.

1917 06 Feb to Gjenovic. 28-30 Mar assisting tanker Vesta which was grounded at Isle of Ruda in Calamotta Channel. 22/23 Apr attack in Strait of Otranto. Jul/Aug on convoy duties between Gravosa and Durazzo. 27/28 Sep supporting air raid on Brindisi. 01 Dec at Castelnuovo. 16 Dec cruising between Brindisi and Valona. 63 convoy assignments.

1918 16 Jan reconnaissance between Brindisi and Valona. 26 Jan unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Calamotta. 15 Feb in collision with steamship Herzegowina during snow storm. 10 Mar - 24 Jun at Pola for repair and boiler change. Convoy assignments and mineseeking in Quarnero. 06 Sep at Pola. 22 Sep shelled enemy submarine near Punta Nera. From 15 Oct under repair at Pola.

Not returned to service by end of War. 23 convoy assignments and numerous mineseeking and submarine hunting sorties. To Italy; b/u.