Velebit 31 Dec 1909

1914 05 Aug returned to service. 13 Aug engaged in search for survivors from Dampfer XVI / Baron Gautsch. From 16 Sep on Sebenico station. 17 Oct on reconnaissance from Pelagosa to Bari. 18 Oct at Pola. 02 Nov reconnaissance off Lissa. 21 Nov - 11 Dec repair in dock at Pola then to Sebenico station.

1915 13 April - 06 May at Pola for installation of additional weaponry. 24 May in action against Ancona; shelled Italian airship Città di Ferrara. 05/16 Jun minelaying off Spalato. 23 Jul shelled railway bridges over Aso and Tessino. 30 Jul and 06 Aug mineseeking off Sebenico. 17 Aug and 20 Sep shelled Pelagosa Island. 22 Sep towed German U-Boot U18 from Curzola to Pola. 09 Dec reconnaissance off Pelagosa. 12 Dec submarine-seeking off Sebenico. 20 Dec at Pola.

1916 17 Jan searching for missing aircraft with Streiter. Under repair in dock until 26 Mar. 03 May in action against enemy destroyers while supporting air raid against Ravenna and Corsini. 23 May supporting air raid against Padua. 04 Jul submarine-searching. 16 Oct to Cattaro. 22 Oct in action in Strait of Otranto; one drifter sunk and one enemy destroyer set on fire.

1917 On Cattaro station. 06 Feb at Pola. 26 May - 28 Sep under maintenance and repair. 30 Sep in action against enemy destroyers off Po delta; following damage to rudder, taken in tow by Streiter. Under repair until 30 Oct. Numerous convoy assignments and mineseeking sorties.

1918 27 Jan reconnaissance off Pelagosa. 29 Jan put troops ashore. 09 May at Pola. 10 Jun set sail with Tegetthoff and Szent István; following torpedoing of Szent István, made for Tajer with Tegetthoff, then return to Pola. 17 Aug unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine off San Giovanni in Pelago. From 27 Jul under repair at Pola and not returned to service before end of War.

To Italy; b/u.