Ulan 21 Sep 1906

1914 24 Jul from Pola to Kumbor. 07 Aug clearing mines in order to pilot Goeben. 16 Aug with Zenta, under attack by French fleet; escaped to the Bocche without being struck. 28 Aug shelled Montenegrin positions. 17 Sep covering Monarch during shelling of Montenegrin radio station. 18 Oct in action against Antivari. 27 Dec escorted Emma and U12 to Makarska.

1915 01 Jan mineseeking in Meleda Channel. 01 Feb submarine searching off Budua. Mar protecting torpedo boat attack on Antivari Harbour. 03 Apr to Pola. 01 Jun minelaying in Gulf of Triest. 17/18 Jun reconnaissance off Italian coast with Admiral Spaun. 19 Jun covering Novara and Admiral Spaun shelled an Italian signals station. 20/24/28 Jun mineseeking in Gulf of Triest. 06 Jul covering Chamäleon minelaying off Po delta. 25 Oct unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine.

1916 With 2nd torpedo flotilla on Pola station. From 28 Aug on Sebenico station on reconnaissance and escort duties.

1917 25 Mar on Pola station. 03-20 May cleaning and repair. 24 May to Gjenovic for convoy assignments between Gravosa, Spilica and Durazzo. 16/17 Dec advanced with 4th torpedo division as far as 15 nm east of Brindisi. 22-31 Dec repairs.

1918 From 17 Jan at Pola. 02/03 Feb to the Bocche. 04 Feb back at Pola. 04 May boiler replacement and repairs at Pola until mid-Oct. At Pola until end of War.

1920 to Greece as Smyrni; b/u 1931/2.