Turul 31 Dec 1908

1914 On Cattaro station at outbreak of War. 31 Aug at Pola for repair and docking until 18 Sep. 19 Sep coastal watch duties. 27 Sep at Cattaro. 05 Oct attack at Gulf of Drin. 11 Oct at Pola. From 24 Nov on Sebenico station. 06 Dec patrolling near Lissa. 11 Dec at Pola. 20 Dec involved in capture of Curie, French submarine.

1915 07 Jan on Sebenico station. 31 Mar transferred to Cattaro. 30 May - 06 Jun boiler change at Pola. 08 Jun return to Cattaro. 10 Jul towed German U-Boot U25 from the Bocche out to sea. 16 Jul in action against Bari. 11 Aug shelled fortifications at Bari and semaphore station near San Giovanni di Medua. 15 Aug piloted in submarine U24. 05 Dec shelled San Giovanni di Medua with Novara. 06 Dec unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine while departing Gulf of Cattaro.

1916 On Cattaro station. 26 Feb in action with Helgoland against Durazzo. 04-11 Apr under repair in dock at Pola. 13 Jun while going from Pola to Cattaro ran aground near Cape Planka. Unsuccessful attempt by tugs Pronta and Belrorie to tow her clear. 16 Jun pulled off by Herkules, Pronta and Belrorie. 18 Jun towed to Pola by Herkules. Under repair until 31 Jul. 01 Aug sea trials. 02 Aug to Gjenovic. 26 Sep attack on Valona. 18 Dec mineseeking.

1917 01 Jan at Pola. New guns being fitted until 26 Mar. 28 Mar sea trials. 05 Jun recovered equipment from Wildfang. 13-22 Jun boiler-cleaning. 29 Jul unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine off Caorle. 09-30 Aug at Pola under repair. 29 Sep engaged enemy destroyers 34 nms West of San Giovanni in Pelago. 02-15 Oct boiler change at Pola. 19 Dec shelled Cortelazzo; numerous convoy assignments.

1918 02 Feb with 3rd battleship division to Cattaro. 03 Feb at Pola. 22 Feb transferred to Cattaro. 07 May from Lissa to Italian coast with Huszar and Pandur for unsuccessful action against railway lines. 10 Jun on standby in the Bocche for planned attack on Otranto Barrage. 31 Aug to Pola.

55 convoy assignments, air-supporting and minesearching sorties. At Pola at end of War. To Italy; b/u.