Triglav (II) 09 Jun 1917

1917 Mast topping on 24 Feb at Bergudi. Into service 09 Jun. 26/27 Aug escort duties. 12 Sep mineseeking, securing Budapest and Wien. 29 Sep at Cattaro. 08/09 Oct convoy duty. 18/19 Oct in action from Saseno to Brindisi with Helgoland. 26 Oct to Pola. In dock for overhaul until 14 Nov. 15/16 Nov sea trials. 19/20 Nov reconnaissance off Po delta. 21 Nov mineseeking; unsuccessful search for flying boat K169. 24 Nov air support sortie. 28 Nov reconnaissance off Italian coast; shelled freight train near Fanò. 07 Dec reconnaissance sortie and attack on Italian coast. 11 Dec at Triest. 22 Dec - 14 Jan at Pola for boiler cleaning.

1918 15 Jan air support operation; attacked by twelve enemy aircraft. 05 Feb at Pola. 06 and 24/25 Feb air support assignments; took flying boat K380 in tow to Parenzo. 10/17 Mar air support sorties. 04 April on patrol with Erzherzog Karl. 07 Apr at Cattaro. 22/23 Apr action against enemy transports; exchange with enemy destroyers. 29/30 Apr convoy duties. 17/18 May in action against Italian MAS units. 26/27 May convoy duty from Antivari to the Bocche. 10 Jun readied for planned attack in Strait of Otranto. 07 Jul - 17 Sep at Pola under repair. 18 Sep to Cattaro.

At Cattaro at end of War. Towed to Bizerta. To Italy as Grado on 26 Sep 1920. Oct 1920 towed to Messina by tug Titano. Jul 1921 towed to Pola. Rebuilt there and at Triest. From Oct 1924 based at Venice. 30 Sep 1937 struck off.