NB All names of torpedo boats had been removed in 1910.


110t Class         Complement 20 Displacement 115t
Tb 1
Tb 2
Tb 3
Tb 4
Tb 5
Tb 6
Tb 7
Tb 8
Tb 9
Tb 10
Tb 11
Tb 12

Cobra Class     Complement 21        Displacement 115t (except where stated otherwise)
Tb 13
Tb 14
Tb 15
Tb 16
Tb 17
Tb 18

Schichau Class    Complement 16 Displacement 78-80t

Asterisked vessels had been converted to minesweepers in 1911-13. All other Schichau class vessels were converted to minesweepers in 1916-18.
Tb 19
Tb 20
Tb 21
Tb 22
Tb 23
Tb 24
Tb 25
Tb 26
Tb 27  *
Tb 28
Tb 29  *
Tb 30
Tb 31
Tb 32
Tb 33  *
Tb 34  *
Tb 35  *
Tb 36
Tb 37
Tb 38  *
Tb 39
Tb 40

Ex Navy Torpedo Boats used by the Army


Suffixes for high seas torpedo boats (nos. 50 to 100) were derived from their place of manufacture, that is, the location of the head office of the constructer:
        E England Yarrow at Poplar, London
        T Triest Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino
        F Fiume Ganz and Danubius
        M Monfalcone Cantiere Naval Triestino
and were carried until 21 May 1917.

Kaiman Class        Complement 31 Displacement 209-211t
Tb 50E
Tb 51T
Tb 52T
Tb 53T
Tb 54T
Tb 55T
Tb 56T
Tb 57T
Tb 58T
Tb 59T
Tb 60T
Tb 61T
Tb 62T
Tb 63T
Tb 64F
Tb 65F
Tb 66F
Tb 67F
Tb 68F
Tb 69F
Tb 70F
Tb 71F
Tb 72F
Tb 73F

250t Class (T)     Complement 39 Displacement 262t
Tb 74T
Tb 75T
Tb 76T
Tb 77T
Tb 78T
Tb 79T
Tb 80T
Tb 81T

250t Class (F)    Complement 38 Displacement 266t
The members of this class were laid down at Porto Rè or Bergudi but moved to Pola, Fiume or Novigrad before or at the outbreak of hostilities with Italy for completion
Tb 82F
Tb 83F
Tb 84F
Tb 85F
Tb 86F
Tb 87F
Tb 88F
Tb 89F
Tb 90F
Tb 91F
Tb 92F
Tb 93F
Tb 94F
Tb 95F
Tb 96F
Tb 97F

250t Class (M)    Complement 38 Displacement 270t
Tb 98M
Tb 99M
Tb 100M


The high seas torpedo boats were the most extensively used vessels of the Kriegsmarine. Their regular duties included:

as well as direct action against Allied ships and Italian coastal positions.