Tatra 18 Oct 1913

1914 06 Aug member of squadron formed to meet Goeben and Breslau. 07 Aug broke off and returned to Pola. 23 Aug searching for survivors of Tb 26. 13 Oct new machine-gun fitted; mineseeking in Quarnero. 02 Nov at Sebenico. 21 Nov - 09 Dec in dock for propulsion modifications. 12 Dec reconnaissance with Helgoland. 24-31 Dec in dock.

1915 26 Jan transferred to the Bocche. 18 Feb and 10 Apr attacks in Strait of Otranto. 06-12 May in dock at Pola for screw change. 18 May carried German Navy officer to Gjenovic to establish German U-Boot station. 24 May shelled railway embankment near Manfredonia; picked up survivors from Italian destroyer Turbine which had been sunk by Helgoland. 13 Jul shelled radio station on Pelagosa which Italians had seized. 22/23 Jul shelled railway bridge at Termoli. 27/28 Jul, 16/17 Aug and 08/09 Sep in action at landing attempts at Pelagosa. 25 Sep - 29 Oct engine repairs at Pola. 22/23 Nov and 05/06 Dec attacks in Strait of Otranto. 29 Dec in action at Durazzo; picked up survivors from Lika (I) and towed Triglav (I) out of enemy firing range; engaged with Royal Navy light cruiser Dartmouth; incurred damage to engine. 9 mineseeking sorties and 10 convoy assignments.

1916 01 Jan - 24 Apr under repair at Pola. 30 Apr at Gjenovic. 24 Jun took over tow of U15 from Tb 53T. 03/04 Jul attack in Strait of Otranto. 15 Aug aircraft support duty; took downed flying boat K457 in tow. Oct/Nov convoy assignments. 01-31 Dec engine repairs and change of boilers at Pola.

1917 05 Jan from Pola to Cattaro. 11/12 Mar, 25 Apr and 06 May attacks in Strait of Otranto. 26 May to Pola; repairs and boiler change until 13 Aug. 16 Aug at Gjenovic. 18/19 Oct and 13/14 Dec attacks in Strait of Otranto. 15 convoy assignments and 7 air-covering sorties.

1918 Jan to Mar on escort duties. Feb involved in Cattaro Mutiny. 07 Apr - 06 Jun on Pola station. 07 Jun transferred to Cattaro. 10 Jun readied for planned action in Strait of Otranto; returned to Pola. 02 Oct at Cattaro for convoy duties. 13 Oct protecting grounded steamship Oceania. 30 Oct to Pola.

23 Mar 1919 to Venice for Victory Parade on following day. To Italy as Fasana but not put into service because of her poor condition. 16 Oct 1920 towed to Pola for use as source of spares for Csepel and Orjen. Struck off 1923.