Streiter 31 Dec 1906

1914 24 Jul transferred from Pola to Kumbor. 10 Aug to Antivari. 28 Aug shelled Montenegrin positions. 17 Sep covering Monarch which was destroying Montenegrin radio station. 18 Sep in action against Antivari.

1915 01/02 Mar covering action at Antivari. 02 Apr to Pola. 19-22 May on watch off Pelagossa. 24 May shelled signal station near Torre di Mileto. Jun/Jul mineseeking off Istrian coast and in Gulf of Triest, including towing damaged flying boat L42 into Triest. 17 Aug at Pola. 07 Sep unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine.

1916 With 2nd torpedo flotilla on Pola station. 17 Jan searching for missing aircraft with Velebit. 23 Jun shelled factory depot in Tronto estuary and railway line near Giulianova. 16 Jul minelaying off Lissa. 23 Sep at Sebenico. Boiler replacement from 31 Oct.

1917 Apr transferred to Cattaro. 22/23 Apr participated in attack in Strait of Otranto with Uskoke and Warasdiner. 11 Jul to Pola. 29/30 Sep engaged Italian destroyer off Po delta; took Velebit in tow. 19 Nov and 07 Dec reconnaissance along Italian coast. 17 Dec shelled Cortelazzo. 31 Dec convoy assignments.

1918 Convoy assignments and mineseeking in Quarnero. 25 Feb at Pola. Lost 16 Apr between Moscenice and Lovrana after colliding with SS Petka which she was escorting.