Satellit Torpedo Gunboat 25 Mar 1893

1914 14 Mar returned to service. 24 Mar survey ship. 14 Aug minelaying sortie. 24 Sep laid minefield at Salvore. 26 Sep to Cattaro towing U4. 27 Sep cast off tow near Porto Rose. 28 Sep to Pola. 21 Oct to Cattaro with U5. 23 Oct back in Pola. 26 Nov engine trials. 06 Dec to the Bocche towing U12. 08 Dec from Gjenovic to Isle of Olipa to take U13 in tow. 10 Dec in Pola. 20 Dec detected French submarine Curie in Pola Harbour. 27/28 Dec towed U6 from Sebenico to Pola.

1915 24 May escort duty for group shelled Italian coast. 05 Aug joined search-and-rescue operation at Pola for downed Città di Jesi.

1916 11 Apr at Pola. 31 Jul picked up boat from Italian submarine Giacinto Pullino which had run aground at Galiola Rocks. To end of War, local defence at Pola, minelaying, mineseeking and convoy work.

In the Bocche at end of War. To France; b/u 1921.

Complement 84 Displacement 531t