Saida 01 Aug 1914

27 May 1915 to Sebenico with Tb 53T. 20/23 Jul 1915 shelled bridges on Aso and Tessino. 2728 Jul 1915 in action at Pelagosa. 17 Aug 1915 in action recovering Pelagosa. 08/09 Sep 1915 in action at Pelagosa again, with Helgoland and Tb 53T. 22/23 Nov 1915 sortie in Strait of Otranto and reconnaissance off Albanian coast; sank Italian steamship.

11 Jan 1916 supporting air raid on Italian coast wit Tb 88F.

15 May 1917 attack on Otranto Barrage; engaged Royal Navy cruisers Dartmouth and Bristol; took Novara in tow after she had been struck by shell from Dartmouth.

17 Jan 1918 at Pola. 12 May 1918 at Kumbor. 10 Jun 1918 readied for planned attack in Strait of Otranto.

To Italy as Venezia. From 1930 accommodation ship at Genoa then La Spezia. Struck off 11 Mar 1937.

Complement 320 Displacement 3,500t