Sadly, like the original version of this website, many of the links listed there have become defunct.


It is planned to develop a new set here, and the following provides an initial offering.


    World War I at Sea – Austro-Hungarian Navy

    K.u.K. Kriegsmarine  (1)

    K.u.K. Kriegsmarine  (2)

    The Austro-Hungarian Submarine Force

    The Austro-Hungarian Danube Flotilla

    Fates of Surviving Austro-Hungarian Warships




There is a growing amount of data being shared on Facebook.  To access it, you need to have a Facebook account,  Hext, search in Facebook for any of the pages listed below.  Typically you will need to request access, but this is really on a formality (a way of keeping spammers at bay).

    Friends of die K.u.K. Hriegsmarine (the Austro-Hungarian Navy)

    K.u.K. Kriegsmarine in der Bocche di Cattaro

    A Nagy Háború a tengeren -The Great War at Sea 1914-18

    The Great War at sea 1914-1919

All these groups/pages are rich in photographs.



    Heeresgeschichtlichesmuseum Wien

    Kotor Maritime Museum

    Schloss Ebelsberg




     Cachets of land bases and units

    Austrian Philatelic Society (formerly ASCGB) website