Lika (I) 08 Aug 1914

1914 08 Aug from Pola to Sebenico. 17 Oct on Sebenico station. 02 Nov reconnaissance off Lissa.

1915 05 Jan at Pola. 20 Jan - 01 Feb in dock for screw change. 16 Feb at Sebenico. 19 May patrolling between Pelagosa and Lagosta. 23/24 May reconnaissance between Pelagosa and Cape Gargano; shelled semaphore and radio station at Vieste; engaged Italian destroyer Turbine. 23 Jul action against Italian coast. 28 Jul landing support at Pelagosa. 09 Sep unsuccessfully torpedoed by French submarine Papin. 22 Nov attack in Strait of Otranto with Helgoland. Sunk 29 Dec by Italian mines during attack on Durazzo.