Helgoland 29 Aug 1914

1914 02 Nov put to sea following French threat near Lissa. 12 Dec reconnaissance with Tatra.

1915 10 Apr in action with Orjen south of San Maria di Leuca. 24 May sank Italian destroyer Turbine off Pelagosa. 27/28 Jul in action at Pelagosa. 17 Aug in action recovering Pelagosa. 08/09 Sep shelling Pelagosa with Saida, Tatra and Tb 53T. 15 Oct to Sebenico with Tb 98M. 22/23 Nov sortie in Strait of Otranto and reconnaissance off Albanian coast; sank Italian steamship. 29 Nov transferred to Cattaro. 06 Dec attack on Durazzo; sank five steamships. 28 Dec reconnaissance between Brindisi and Durazzo; involved with Balaton in ramming and sinking of French submarine Monge. 29 Dec attack on Durazzo; sank Greek steamship.

1916 06 Feb engaged Weymouth, Royal Navy light cruiser, and Bouclier, French destroyer, in Otranto Strait. 26 Feb in action against Durazzo with Turul. 31 May attack on Otranto Barrage. 04 Jul in action in Otranto Straits.

1917 04 May at Pola. 15 May attack on Otranto Barrage; engaged Royal Navy cruisers Dartmouth and Bristol. 18/19 Oct in action Saseno-Brindisi.

1918 10 Jun readied for planned attack in Strait of Otranto. 11 Aug at Kumbor.

To Italy as Brindisi. From 1929 accommodation ship at Ancona, Pola and finally Triest.. Stricken 11 Mar 1937.

Complement 320 Displacement 3,500t