Dukla 08 Oct 1917

1917 Mast topping on 18 Jul off Porto Rè. 19/20 Nov reconnaissance South of Po delta. 21 Nov mineseeking. 24/28 Nov reconnaissance on Italian coast; damaged Tb 89F by collision; shelled by coastal batteries near Rimini. 09 Dec air support duties. 11 Dec at Triest. 19/22 Dec in action in Piave estuary with Arpad and Budapest; then to Pola.

1918 06 Jan, 04 Feb and 24 Feb air support duties. 25 Feb unsuccessful search for flying boat K380; attacked by enemy aircraft. 10/17 Mar air support duties. 04 Apr to sea with Erzherzog Karl. 07 Apr at Gjenovic. 15 Apr convoy duty. 22/23 Apr attack on Otranto Barrage; engaged two British destroyers. 12/13 May reconnaissance as far as Cape Menders; picked up crew of torpedoed steamship Bregenz. 10 Jun readied for planned attack on Otranto Barrage. 01/11 Aug air support duties. 10 Sep convoy duty. 19 Sep air support sortie. 20/21 and 26 Sep convoy duties. 29 Sep, 01 and 07 Oct minelaying in Drin Bay and off Durazzo. 10 Oct protecting transport fleet.

At Cattaro at end of War. 16 convoy assignments; 12 air support sorties. Towed to Bizerta. 20 Sep 1920 to France as Matelot Leblanc. Aug 1921 transferred to Toulon. Jan - Apr 1923 repaired with parts from Italian destroyers Fasana (ex-Tatra) and Zenson (ex-Balaton). 06 Feb 1924 - 30 May 1925 out of service. 1928 in Bizerta. Struck off 1936 and condemned on 04 May; sold in Bizerta for scrap on 05 Oct.