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See also Hospital Ships and Smaller Requisitioned Vessels



Although Lloyd Austriaco was the major Austro-Hungarian steamship company, there were others, the largest fleets belonging to the following lines:




D. Tripcov


Istria (Triest)

Jadran (Spalato)


Navigazione Libera Triestina



Most authorities assert that named steamships were requisitioned by the Navy and numbered steamships were requisitioned by the Army.There are too many exceptions to this for it to be a reliable rule, and the explanation of René Greger (1976) and Wladimir Aichelburg (1988) is more plausible: those steamships whose requisition had been planned before war started were numbered while subsequent requisitions resulted in the name of the steamship being retained.Not all the planned requisitions were possible because, for example, the ship was not in the Adriatic at the outbreak of war.See SS Izvor below.Aichelburg (1988) gives details of mobilisation plan of 01 April 1914 which seems to confirm Gregor’s theory.


I                               ex-Corsinia                                                   1912                        27 Aug 1914 

II                             a)ex-Nippon                                                  1901                        29Jul 1914 to 20 Aug 1914
b)ex-Izvor                                                      1910                        20 Aug 1914

III                            ex-Goritia                                                      1903                        28 Jul 1914

IV                            ex-Gastein                                                     1909                        25 Aug 1914 

V                             ex-Carniolia                                                 1900                        28 Jul 1914    

VI                            ex-Bucovina                                                  1901                        28 Jul 1914

VII                          ex-Amphitrite                                                1885                        28 Jul 1914

VIII                         ex-Fiume                                                        1911                        28 Jul 1914

IX                            ex-BaronCall                                                1904                        28 Jul 1914

X                             ex-Africa                                                        1902                        28 Jul 1914

XI                            ex-Austria                                                      1901                        28 Jul 1914

XII ?                       Untraced.

XIII                         a)ex-Urano                                                    1882                        28 Jul 1914 to 29 Aug 1914

                                b)ex-Styria                                                    1900                        1916

XIV                         ex-Bosnia                                                      1899                        28 Jul 1914

XV                          ex-BaronBruck                                             1913                        27 Jul 1914    

XVI                         ex-Baron Gautsch                                         1908                        27 Jul 1914

XVII ?                     Untraced.

XVIII                      a)ex-Maria                                                    1901                        28 Jul 1914 to 18 Sep 1914
b)ex-Cefalonia                                             ?                              29 Aug 1915

XIX                         a)ex-Hrvat                                                     1902                        28 Jul 1914 to 01 Apr 1915         
b)ex-Zichy                                                     1884                        01 Apr 1915  

XX                          ex-Fram                                                         1903                        13 Sep 1914  

Almost a hundred merchant ships spent the duration of the war in the safety of a basin to the north of Sebenico, variously called Lago di Scardone and Prokljansee (Lake Prokljan).  It forms the tidal estuary of the River Krka.Smaller numbers spent the duration in Novigrad Basins, Triest, Fiume and Baccari.

Not included in this survey are dredgers, launches (other than steam launches), lighters andsailing vessels (whether motorised or not) such as trabakels.

In cases where a vessel was requisitioned twice, under different circumstances, she is listed under both categories below.

The following Austro-Hungarian steamers fell into enemy hands (or remained in neutral waters) because of their position at the outbreak of war:  


Lloyd Austriaco




Lloyd Austriaco



Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand

Lloyd Austriaco

Far East



Lloyd Austriaco

Far East



Lloyd Austriaco



Marquis Bacquehem

Lloyd Austriaco

Far East


Martha Washington


New York



Lloyd Austriaco




Lloyd Austriaco




Lloyd Austriaco

Portugese colony





Adelsberg                                                                   (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1910                28Jul 1914
Military transport.20 Jun 1916 struck floating mine en route from Spalato to Fiume; 3 lost; ship sank.                                                     1122t

Africa                                                                          (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1902                28 Jul 1914
Dampfer X.  Initially requisitioned as a hospital ship but not used.Spring 1915 used as accommodation ship for German U-boot crews at Pola.End of Feb 1916 used as hospital ship between the Bocche and Albania.  24 Apr 1916 towed damaged hospital ship Tirol from Durazzo to the Bocche.  27 Aug 1916 ran aground off Durazzo.  In the Bocche during mutiny of Feb 1918.To Fiume 24 Oct 1918.In service until 1929                                   4921t

Albanien                                                                     (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1910                28 Jul 1914
Used for local transport.  Sunk by two torpedoes fired by Italian submarine Atropo 5 nm south of Dolfin Island 04 Jun 1916.                1122t

Amphitrite                                                                  (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1885                28 Jul 1914
Dampfer VII.  Initially used a coal depot.  From 14 Sep 1915 used as depot and accommodation ship at Gjenovic mainly for German U-boot crews.

Austria                                                                        (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1901                28 Jul 1914
Dampfer XI.  Initially used as coal depot ship for the fleet then as fleet supply ship.  Oct 1915 damaged by explosion on land.  02 Dec 1917 at Pola.  22 Mar 1918 stood down.  Returned to owners Summer 1918.                                                                                                                 7588t

Baron Bruck                                                               (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1913                27 Jul 1914     
Dampfer XV.  Transport ship.  Returned to her owners after four voyages.                                                                                            2100t

Baron Gautsch                                                           (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1908                27 Jul 1914     
Dampfer XVI.  Transport ship.  Ignored warning signals from Basilisk which was laying mines and struck one 7 nm north of Brioni 13 Aug 1914 while en route to Triest and still flying merchant service flag; approximately 150 saved, over 200 lost.  Basilisk, Csepel, Triglav, Balaton and Velebit picked up survivors.                                                                                                                                                                                              2069 t

Bosnia                                                                         (Dalmatia)                                                        1899                28 Jul 1914
Dampfer XIV.  Fleet auxiliary ship undertaking supply and miscellaneous special duties, including telegraph duties. 17 Aug 1914 at Pola.  19 Oct 1915 armed with two 47mm quick-firing cannons.  May 1915 carried howitzers to the Bocche for attack on Mount Lovcen.  18 May 1916 cable from San Giovanni di Medua broken and raised in part; connection made with Dulcigno 20 May.  27 Nov 1916 with Dinara to Sebenico.  24 Jan 1917 unsuccessfully torpedoed by submarine off Cape Planka.  08 Mar 1917 towed floating dock from Triest to Pola.  14 Jul 1918 unsuccessfully torpedoed twice near Arcangelo Island.                                                                                                                                                                 540t

Bucovina                                                                     (Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1902                28 Jul 1914
Dampfer VI.  Used as supply ship carrying inter alia food stuffs and munitions.  15 Mar 1916 returned to owners but then rehired as military transport on Albanian routes.  Ran aground 22/23 May 1917 on Maon Island; floated off and completed voyage.  Returned to owners beginning of Jan 1918 but recalled Mar 1918.                                                                                                                                                                               2926t

Carniolia(Lloyd Austriaco)                                          1900                28 Jul 1914
Dampfer V.Used as fleet replenishment ship and mine depot ship.Returned to owners Sep 1918.2940t

Carola(Adria)                                                              1892                28 Jul 1914
Used for military purposes in Dalmatia, and from 1916 to Albania.22 Jul 1916 collided with SS MátyásKirály between Dulcigno and Melena and sank.883t

Carpano( ? )                                                                                        Jul 1914
Used for coal transport between Carpano and Pola.

Colibri(Triest Maritime Authority)                                1896                28 Jul 1914
Hired for transport duties at Triest.Returned to owners at beginning of Apr 1915.Rehired in May 1917 for military duties.43t

Daniel Erno(Ungaro-Croata)                                      1896                28 Jul 1914
Freighter.Used between Fiume and Pola.Returned briefly to her owners 29 Aug 1914.12 Feb 1916 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Cape Planka.Similarly attacked 05 Apr. 1916.30 Sep 1918 hit by torpedo from enemy submarine near Puntadura; 10 lost714 t

Drava(Societŕ di Navigazione a Vapore Boka)            1898                26 Jul 1914
Used for local traffic within the Bocche.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)138t

Dubrovnik(Ragusea)                                                   1892                28 Jul 1914
Returned to her owners after one voyage.09 May 1916 while making a civilian voyage she was torpedoed in Narenta Channel between San Giorgio (Lesina Island) and Cape Gomena on Sabioncello peninsula by French submarine Archimčde without warning.Roughly 20 of 38 on board were rescued.Foreign Ministry protested to French authorities.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)481t

Hrvat(Ungaro-Croata)                                                 1902                28 Jul 1914     
Dampfer XIX.Used as military transport between Pola and the Bocche.Returned to her owners 01 Apr 1915.From 1916 loaned to Navy on occasions, but not as DampferXIX.From 17 Jul 1916 used at Fiume as bauxite transport.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)180t

Isonzo(Cosulich)                                                          1907                28 Jul 1914
Hired for duties with in the Bocche.1917 transferred to Triest.222t

Jason(Dalmatia)                                                           1876                01 Aug 1914   
Used for local coal transport from Arsa mines to Pola Assenal.407 t

Käthy  (AE Dreher jun.)                                               1901                28 Jul 1914
Steam yacht.From 10 Aug 1914 attached to Mars for duties at Pola Arsenal.1916 station ship at Zaravecchia and used for patrol duties.From 1917 patrol craft at Sebenico.Again minesweeper in 1918.She remained under the command of her owner, who was a Linienschiffsleutnant in der Reserve.134t

Krka(Dalmatia)                                                            1896                28 Jul 1914
Returned to her owners 27 Aug 1914.Rehired 1918 for patrol duties off Lussin.111t

Magyar(Magyar Bank)                                               1898                28 Jul 1914     
Freighter.Returned to her owners Dec 1914.Also served as collier.992t

Maria(Austro-Americana)                                           1901                28 Jul 1914     
Dampfer XVIII (a).Freighter.Returned to her owners after propeller failure 18 Sep 1914.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)3,098 t

Miramar I(MU Martinolich)                                        1893                28 Jul 1914
Hired for service with the Arsenal and the Harbour Authority.Transferred to the Army 1915.95t

Mosor(Dalmatia)                                                         1896                28 Jul 1914
Hired to operate timetable service in the Bocche.1917 transferred to Zelenika as transport.132t

Nibbio(Dalmatia)                                                         1899                28 Jul 1914
Returned to her owners after brief hire.Rehired for local use at Castelnuovo 06 Oct 1916.25 Nov 1917 transferred to Lagunen flotilla.1918 to Zelenika.112t

Nippon(Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1901                29 Jul 1914
Dampfer II (a).Returned to her owners 20 Aug 1914.6350t

Primero(Istria-Trieste)                                                 1896                28 Jul 1914
Used initially by Triest Sea Transport Department.01 Apr 1916 taken over by Pola Naval Harbour Command for Arsenal and harbour duties.Aug 1918 returned to her owners.67t                                

Radium(A Foresti and Partners)                                  1906                28 Jul 194
Hired for use as coal depot at the Bocche.Returned to her owners 08 or 25 Feb 1915.Rehired 08 Jun 1915 to transport magnesite.3,311t

Sarajevo(Tripcovich)                                                   1899                28 Jul 1914     
Freighter.Returned to her owners 29 Aug 1914 after one voyage.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel used by Army)655 t

Sebenico(Dalmatia)                                                     1898                28 Jul 1914
Hired briefly by Triest Sea Transport Department then returned to her owners.Mar 1918 intended for use as anti-submarine vessel, but 23 Apr 1918 rehired for storage of food reserves at Pola.Returned to her owners 29 Aug 1918.297t

Split D(Dalmatia)                                                         1909                28 Jul 1914
Hired briefly by Triest Sea Transport Department then returned to her owners.1916 rehired to operate shuttle service between Spalato and Metkovic.24 Dec 1917 two men injured by expolsion while loading calcium cyanamide.896t

Suzumé(M v Hütterott)                                                1896                28 Jul 1914
Steam yacht.Hired by Triest Sea Transport Department.From 23 Mar 1916 used for pilot duties at Pola.Subsequently attached to Military Fisheries and Bellona.64 t

Theodor(Triest Excise Directorate)                              1891                28 Jul 1914
Steam launch.Briefly hired by Triest Sea Transport Department.27 May 1915 rehired for use at Pola.1918 transferred to Lagunen flotilla.22t

Tommaseo(Dalmatia)                                                  1894                28 Jul 1914
Hired by Triest Sea Transport Department.67t

Urano(Lloyd Austriaco)                                               1882.               28 Jul 1914
Dampfer XIII (a).Requisitioned as munitions and mine depot ship.Returned to her owners 29 Aug 1914.kuk Kriegsmarine preposed that she be scrapped and her metal content recycled; the owners were against this and she was rehired as Army collier from Oct 1918.2650t

Zoe Cosulich(Cosulich)                                               1903                28 Jul 1918
Hired briefly as coal transport.Rehired 04 Dec 1915 as munitions depot ship at Castelnuovo.1917 transferred to Lagunen flotilla.200t




Abbazia(Lloyd Austriaco)                                            1912                01 Jul 1917
Military transport.Used for taking troops to Albania.3819 t

Adria(Dalmatia)                                                           1908                16 Apr 1916   
Armed escort vessel.26 Feb 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.Based at Lussin, then Sebenico.154t

(Finanzdampfer) Adria                                               1886                21 May 1915  
Built speculatively as Torpedoboot Nr. 1 and, following trials, not purchased by kuk Kriegsmarine.Bought by kk Küstenlandische Finanzdirektion Triest and named Adria.Requisitioned for use as harbour defence vessel, and placed under control of Mars.101.5t

Andrássy(Adria)                                                         1892                1914
Transport ship.09 Mar 1916 rammed Tb 16 while en route from Antivari.31 Mar 1916 struck mine and sank while leaving San Giovanni di Medua; 5 lost.1553t

Ante-Starcevic(Socita Croata di Navigazione Marittima a Vapore in Zengg)
                                                                        1904                16 Feb 1916
Minesweeper.Late summer 1918 used by Army to transport wood to Antivari.

Arsa(Istria)                                                                  1897                02 Aug 1914   
Transport vessel.09 Jun 1916 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Point Nera in the Quarnero.Feb 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.276t

Balaton(Adria)                                                            1901                1917
Used as transport on Albania routes.18 Jan 1918 struck by bomb during air raid in Durazzo; 1 lost, 4 wounded.Returned to service May 1918.02 Jun 1918 in slight collision off Zelenika with Ellenia.2468t

Bellaura(Tripcovich)                                                   1887                27 Mar 1916   
Used as coal transport between Pola and the Bocche.Ran aground 02 Aug 1916 near Rogoznica.Refloated 11 Aug 1916 but found to be badly damaged.Returned to her owners 02 Sep 1916.Rented again Jan 1918 as collier but returned to her owners Mar 1918.2687 t

Bellenden(Tripcovich)                                                 1887                Aug 1918        
Depot ship for German U-Boot personnel in the Bocche.2687t

Belrorie(Tripcovich)                                                    1901                25 May 1915  
Sea rescue vessel based at Pola until 24 Jul 1915.12 Apr 1915 unavailable to assist in raising of SS Trieste D.Hired again 23 Dec 1915 and based at Sebenico.Involved in trying to refloat Turul 13 Jun 1916.210 t

Belvedere(Austro-Americana)                                    1913                04 Mar 1918
Used as accommodation ship for workers in Pola Arsenal.7166t

Bregenz(Lloyd Austriaco)                                            1908                1918
Transport ship.Sunk by two Italian MAS boats 13 May 1918 off Durazzo; 234 lost, 969 rescued.Dukla, Tb 84 and Tb 98 involved in rescue.3905 t

Brioni(Lloyd Austriaco)                                               1909                1914   
Munitions ship.Decommissioned 29 Aug 1914, but shortly after rehired as mine transport.16 Feb 1917 ran aground off Gallon on Veglia Island.Pulled clear by Herkules 01 Mar 1917 and towed to Fiume.Returned to service at Triest 18 Apr 1917.In service until 19251111t

Bruenn(Lloyd Austriaco)                                             1908                Jan 1918
Used as transport on Albanian routes.25-30 May 1918 sought shelter behind Dolin Island during severe storm; ran short of supplies with 400 men on board.Rescue operation by Lika, a torpedo boat and hired tug Pronta.3905t     

Brunette(F Radivo)                                                     1881                1917
Used as coal transport on Carpano - Fiume route.Returned to owner Jul 1918.812t

Budapest(Ungaro-Croata)                                           1892                1917
Used on Albanian routes.509t

Carinthia(Lloyd Austriaco)                                          1900                1916
Used between Fiume and Albania. 2812t

Carolina(Austro-Americana)                                       1905                09 Sep 1914
Used as meat depot for Pola Fortress.Mar 1918 returned to owners.Rehired May, Jun, Jul 1918 for military transport in Fiume area.Rehired 27 Aug 1918 to end of war.4731t

Caterino Gerolomich(Gerolomich & Co.)                   1912                08 Sep 1918
Used as accommodation ship for prisoners from February 1918 the Bocche mutiny.5515t

Cefalonia                                                                    ?                      After 29 Aug 1915      
Greek freighter captured while under hire to Montenegrin operators by U5 off Durazzo 29 Aug 1915.Used as fleet cargo ship from 1917.From Aug 1918 used by Pola harbour authorities.1,074 t 

Cement; ex-Bojana(B Paric)                                       1890                28 Apr 1915
Used until 25 May 1915 by Castelnuovo naval authorities.Rehired 05 Jan 1916 as stores ship in the Bocche.1918 used to transport bauxite.204t

Cervignano(Opera & Co.)                                          1903                1914
Used by Sea Transport Department at Triest.60t

Cetina(Dalmatia)                                                         1908                14 Feb 1916   
Armed escort vessel within the Bocche .Transferred to Sebenico 26 Sep 1917.Transferred to submarine search flotilla Feb 1918.228t

Cirkvenica(Ungaro-Croata)                                        1895                1915   
Armed escort vessel and pilot at Pola.20 Apr 1917 unsuccessfully torpedoed three times near Moscenice.Further attacked by submarines on 04 Jun and 05 Jun 1917.06 Sep 1918 discovered and drove off Italian MAS near Maon.193t

Cleopatra(Lloyd Austriaco)                                         1895                19 Apr or Jun 1917
Accommodation ship for German U-Boot personnel at Cattaro.4039t

Corsinia(EM Premuda)                                               1912                27 Aug 1914
Dampfer I.Hired for coal transport for Pola and Dalmatia.Returned to owners 17 Feb 1915.4448t

Cyklops(Tripcovich)                                                    1905                01 Feb 1916   
Sea rescue vessel at Cattaro.447t

Dalmazia(Ungaro-Croata)                                           1886                10 Jun 1916
Used to transport bauxite.262t

Dardania(Tripcovich)                                                  1901                Early Aug 1914
Stationed in the Bocche.3548t

Diamant(J Paranos)                                                     1901                May 1917
Used for military transport between Fiume and Albania.983t

Dolfin (Triest Naval Authority)                                     1914                24 Sep 1914   
Initially armed transport on Pelagosa-Lagosta route.From 1915 based at Pola as patrol and escort vessel in Northern Adriatic and for watch duties on the Fasana barrage.Repair ship for sea lamps and pilot service ship.1918 equiped for cable laying.290t

Drava(Ungaro-Croata)                                                1913                28 Apr 1916
Used for timetabled transport service in the Bocche.From 1917 in transport service at Sebenico.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)200t

Dubrovnik-Ragusa(Zara Excise Directorate)              1898                1918
Steam yacht used by Mostar Coastal Battery Command.148t

Egida   ex-Vettor Pisani(Nuova Societŕ Cittadina di Navigazione e Vapore)
                                                                        1909                15 Jun 1915    
Used initially for patrol duties in the Qarnero and off Fiume.1916 used as local defence 'floating torpedo station' at Pola Naval Arsenal.129t

Ellenia (Tripovich)                                                       1900                1917
Patriotically presented by her commander to Castelnuovo Command upon outbreak of war; returned to her owners 27 Dec 1914.1917 hired for use by Castelnuovo Fort Command.Collided with SS Balaton 02 Jun 1918 off Zelenika.4197t

Epulo(Muggia)                                                             1883                06 Mar 1916
Armed and used by Lagunen flotilla and for local traffic in Triest, including Operation Aquaduct.Returned to owners Jun 1918.129t

Erzsi                See under San Mauro

Eunio( ? )                                                                    ?                      1916
Armed and used by Lagunnenflotille

Euterpe(Lloyd Austriaco)                                            1886.               Mar 1918
Used at Fiume but returned to owners Apr 1918.Rehired May 1918 as fast armed troop transport on Fiume-Cattaro route.Torpedoed and sunk 1.5 nm off San Vito on Pago Island by Italian submarine F7 11 Aug 1918; 453 lost; c450 rescued by Magnet, Tb 55 and Tb 64 and British submarine C210.2302t

Fasana ex-Liburnia(Dalmatia)                                     1908                Apr 1915
Minesweeper (Liburnia) based at Sebenico briefly before return to owners.Jun 1918 rehired as depot ship and transferred to Pola.Renamed Fasana 21 Aug 1918 to avoid confusion with eponymous vessel (qv).160t

Filippo Artelli(Tripcovich)                                           1904                17 Apr 1915
Patriotically presented to Catelnuovo Coammand by her commander at outbreak of war.In spite of protests by her owners, not hired officically until above date.5820t

Fiume(Atlantica)                                                          1911                Aug 1914
Dampfer VIII.Used as coal and supplies depot.Oct 1915 damaged by explosion on land but repaired.15 Oct 1917 ran aground on Drainka Island; refloated following day and taken to Sebenico.Returned to service in the Bocche 26 Oct 1917.08 Aug 1918 transferred to control of Pola Harbour Authority.3663t

Fiume(Ungaro-Croata)                                                1888                1916
Used as transport on Fiume-Albania routes.369t

Fram(Carlo Martinolich)                                              1903                13 Sep 1914   
Dampfer XX.Maritime Transport Depatment Command ship.28 Nov 1914 equipped with cannons in the Bocche.27 Feb 1915 at Sebenico.Collided with Cyklop 30 May 1915 in Pola harbour, sinking Cyklop.After repair, used for special duties.27 Feb - 04 Mar 1916 towed U11 from Cattaro to Pola.25 Feb 1917 ran aground in Povljana Nuova Channel; freed two days later with minor damage.23 Jul 1918 transferred to Pola Harbour Command.617t

Francesca(Austro-Americana)                                     1905                22 Apr 1915
Used initially as transport between Sebenico, Pola and Triest and subsequently as frozen meat depot ship for Pola Fort Authority.5022t

Frankopan(Austro-Croata)                                         1908                26 Apr 1916   
Stationed at Sebenico as armed escort and pilot vessel.Winter 1917/18 transferred to Lagunen flotilla.144t

Füred(Ungaro-Croata)                                                 1912                26 Feb 1917
Used for pilot and patrol duties.From April 1918 used for local traffic in the Bocche.216t

Gastein(Lloyd Austriaco)                                            1909                25 Aug 1914   
Dampfer IV.Torpedo boat depot ship at Pola.Returned to her owners 1917.Further requisitioned Apr 1918 as troop transport.Armed Aug 1918.In service until 1939.3817t

Gelida(Austro-Americana)                                           1874                16 Jun 1915
Used as depot ship for frozen meat at Castelnuovo.112t

Gerty(Austro-Americana)                                            1903                1916
Used for military transport on Albania routes until Oct 1918.4212t

Gilda(Austro-Americana)                                             1881                21 Jun 1915
Loaded with magnesite and equipment at Triest on day hired.23 Jun 1915 ran aground, then hit mine 3.5 nm west north west of Punta Salvore; sank in three minutes but without loss of life.859t

Giulia(Austro-Americano)                                           1904                1917
Used as military transport between Fiume and Albania.Jan 1918 briefly returned to owners.03 May 1918 while in transit unladen from Pola to Fiume struck mine near Punta Merlera.Beached near Cuje.17 May 1918 floated with help from Tb 5, SS Belrorie and requisitioned tug Elöre which had come from Fiume.Made Pola by night fall.Not returned to service.4337t

Gödöllö(Ungaro-Croata)                                             1902                1917   
Troop transport.21 Jan 1918 at Pola for fitting out as express armed transport.Damaged by grounding near Brusnjak in the Quarnerolo 23 Mar 1918; towed back to Fiume.Converted to special attack transport from 15 Aug 1918 - served on Fiume to the Bocche route.782t

Goritia(Lloyd Austriaco)                                              1903                20 Aug 1914
Dampfer III.Used as munitions depot ship.Transferred to the Army for use on Albania routes 16 Mar 1916.19 Aug 1918 sank off Guri Geramis Rocks following explosion while under way from Durazzo; only 3 lost following prompt action by other convoy members, especially Tb 90F.3104t

Gradenigo(Nib)                                                          1911                03 Jan 1917
Hired for service at Zelenika.

Gróf Khuen Héderváry(Atlantica)                              1911                ?         
Crew attempted to flee with her to Venice at beginning of Aug 1914 but were prevented from doing so.Rented for use as coal transport.5036t

Gróf Tisza István(Levante)                                         1904                1916
Used ans transport between Fiume and Albania.2939t

Habsburg(Lloyd Austriaco)                                         1895                Aug 1918
Accommodation ship for German U-boot personnel at Cattaro.In service until 19334014t

Hegedüs Sándor(Ungaro-Croata)                               1900                1914
Initially hired for one voyage.Rehired 1917 for use at Zelenika.16 Feb 1918 in collision with Tb 15 en route from Antivari.Jun 1918 at Fiume for repairs to structural damage.928t

Helouan(Lloyd Austriaco)                                           1911                1916   
Hired for use as hospital ship but does not appear to have been used as such.?Returned to her owners 1916 or 1917.26 Nov 1917 damaged during bad weather while making ready for transfer to Pola from Lake of Prokljan for use as accommodation ship for German U-boot crews (replaced by SS Wien).In service until 1937.7367 t

Hrvatska(Societŕ Croata di Navigazione Marittima a Vapore)
                                                                        1904                06 Feb 1917
Hired for pilot duties at Zelenika.Sep 1917 in collision with tug/tender SS Lissa, which sank, but was recovered.199t

Istriano(Ungaro-Croata)                                             1904                1916   
Hired for mine command duties.24 Apr 1917 to Pola as escort vessel and auxilliary minesweeper following arming.Returned to her owners in 1918.157t

Izvorex-Taunton(G Racich)                                         1910                20 Aug 1914
Dampfer II (b).14 Aug 1914 arrived at Pola with load of coal from Cardiff, unaware that war had broken out.Hired briefly as coal transport in place of SS Nippon, then again in 1915 until 31 Jul 1916 and further requisitioned in 1917.4176t

Josephine(Austro-Americana)                                     1868                ?
17 Nov 1914 struck mine while heading out from Pola and sank; 7 lost.1277t

Kálmán Király(Adria)                                                 1893                1916
Used as transport on Albanian routes.2223t

Kassa(Adria)                                                               1901                1916
Used as military transport between Fiume and the Bocche.12 Aug 1918 seriously damaged during Allied air raid on Zelenika.1587t

Knin(Ungaro-Croata)                                                  1913                1916   
Used as transport between the Bocche and Antivari.11 Apr 1917 transferred to Polafor pilot duties.22 May 1917 transferred to Sebenico.1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.23 May 1918 at Galiola.24 May 1918 at Fasana.18 Jul 1918 at Porat.Contact with enemy submarines 27 Jul, 19 Aug, 09 Sep, 10 Sep and 11 Sep 1918.284t

Kossuth(Levante)                                                        1906                Aug 1918
Used as coal transport between Fiume and the Bocche.3553t

Kotor B(MU Martinolich; 1918 H Cattarinich)             1914                05 Mar 1916   
Harbour defence vessel at Pola.108t

Kupa(Ungaro-Croata)                                                 1912                1915
Sometimes listed as Kulpa.Possibly an Army hire.29 Dec 1915 struck by torpedo from French submarine Archimčde or Italian submarine near Cape Planka while under way from Metkovic; beached but not salved.790t

Kvarner(Austro-Croata)                                             1909                1916   
Initially hired for use by the Mine Command, then armed and used as escort vessel between Pola and Triest.16 May 1917 exercising with U5 when latter struck mine and sank.Transferred to Lagunen flotilla in winter of 1917/18.Served there as Kanonenboot II briefly from June 1918.144t

Lederer Sándor(Adria)                                               1903                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.1249t

Liburnia(Ungaro-Croata)                                            1896                12 Jul 1916     
Armed escort vessel based at Pola or Fiume, but in 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.16 Apr 1918 unsuccessfully bombed by Italian aircraft.(See also Fasana)179t

Lovcen(Cosulich, as Nogaro; then A Hreglich - renamed Lovcen)      
                                                                        1901                23 Sep 1914
Used within the Bocche.1917 transferred to Triest.154t

Lovrana(Ungaro-Croata)                                            1905                22 Dec 1916
Hired for local use in the Bocche.145t

Magyar(Magyar Bank)                                               1898                Start Aug 1914
Hired only briefly.21 May 1915 rehired for use as coal transport at Pola.1916 used as military transport on Albanian routes.992t

Magyarország(Atlantica)                                            1907                1916
Used briefly for military transport between Fiume and the Bocche.Rehired Mar 1918 as Army transport.3661t

Majdan(J Guina & Co)                                                1888                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.Returned to owners Jan-Mar 1918.Jun 1918 dropped from convoy passage because her speed was restricted to seven knots.Mainly carried wood for 19 Corps in Albania.391t

Makarska(Dalmatia)                                                   1908                11 Feb 1916   
Hired to operate timetabled service in the Bocche.04 Apr 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.Contact with enemy submarines 23 May, 24 May, 14 Jul, 18 Aug, 29 Aug, 09 Sep and 11 Sep 1918.266t

Maria(P Kuppelweisser)                                             ?                      1914
Probably used to operate timetabled service at Pola.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel.)450t

Mátyás Király(Adria)                                                 1892                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.22 Jul 1916 rammed SS Carola at Dulcigno; latter sank.Brought imprisoned February mutineers from the Bocche to Pola.1552t

Melpomene(Lloyd Austriaco)                                     1883                1916
Used as transport between Fiume and Albania.2983t

Monfalcone(Societŕ di Navigazione Monfalconese)      1914               25 Feb or 04 Apr 1916
Armed and used as defence vessel at Fasana.Subsequently used for patrol duties in the Quarnero.12 Nov 1916 successfully outmanoeuvred six torpedoes fired by French submarine in the Quarnerolo.1917 at Fiume and later at Triest with Lagunen flotilla with further armament.20 Nov 1917 damaged by mine off mouth of River Sdobba.June 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.197t

Nadex-Capodistria(NA Dubokovich)                         1882                21 Oct 1916
Hired briefly for use at Metkovic.Returned to owner but rehired start Jan 1917 for similar purposes - local traffic for Mostar Coastal Battery Command.Returned to owner Feb 1918 on condition he carried Army supplies free of charge.163t

Nada(Dalmatia)                                                           1885                07 Jul 1916
Used as military transport between Fiume and Albania.27 Oct 1918 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Novaglia.161t

Napried(Napried)                                                        1894                Sep 1918
Used to transport coal between Fiume and Zelenika.1671t

Nautilus(David & Sohn)                                              ?                      15 Jun 1915
Returned to owners after approximately one month.

Nesazio(Istria-Trieste)                                                 1904                22 May 1916  
From 19 Jun 1916 used as escort vessel.04 Jul 1916 attacked by enemy submarine in Gulf of Fiume.Transferred to submarine search flotilla 1918.268t

Nogaro            See under Lovcen.

Novi                                                                            1908                28 Jul 1917     
Previously in use as Army transport between the Bocche and Antivari.Used as escort vessel based at Pola.18 Jan 1918 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine.26 Feb 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.247t

Örszenex-Gelida(Atlantica)                                         1874                1918
Hired for use by Castelnuovo Fort Authority.112t

Palacký(Lloyd Austriaco)                                            1907                May 1918
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.3891t

Pannonia (Ungaro-Croata)                                          1896                18 Jan 1916
Used as accommodation ship for German U-boot personnel at Cattaro.Mar 1918 returned to her owners.From 15 Jun 1918 used as fast troop transport between Fiume and Cattaro.Following collision with Army freighter Brasso off Cape Planka 03 Sep 1918, she was decommissioned.? 779t or 3,611t net

Pelagosa(Maritime Authority, Triest)                            1898                07 May 1915  
Used initially as defence ship at Fasana, then as armed escort vessel from 1917.12 Apr 1917 in collision with SS Ritter von Bilinski.Dec 1917 became first ship in submarine search flotilla.Torpedoed by Italian submarine F7 off Lussin 12 Feb 1918; sank 3 nm west of Grucia.All the crew rescued by Tb89.245t

Petka(Ragusea)                                                           1896                Start 1917
Used as military transport.01 Mar 1918 brought 197 February mutineers from the Bocche to Pola for detention on Babenberg.16 Apr 1918 rammed Streiter in the Quarnero causing her to sink.Repaired at San Rocco.498t

Praga(Lloyd Austriaco)                                                1908                Mar 1918
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.3905t

Presjed. Becher(M Marinovich, then Napried)            1900                1917
Used as depot ship by Castelnuovo District Defence Command.2280t

Primo(MU Martinolich)                                                1891                13 Oct 1914
Used at Lussinpiccolo by Blockade Command.42t

Quarnero(Triest Excise Directorate)                            1883                08 Aug 1914
Steam yacht.Used briefly for pilot duties then returned to her owners.1916 rehired, armed and used as pilot vessel based at Pola, then from Sep 1918 at Sebenico.137t

Risano                                                                        (Istria-Trieste)  1887    25 Apr 1917   
Hired for pilot duties at Pola.Oct 1917 transferred to Lagunnen flotilla.1918 used as escort vessel at Fiume.188t

(Ritter von) Bilinski (ex-Zara)(Triest Excise Directorate)                   1899    08 Aug 1914
Hired briefly by Triest Sea Transport Directorate.Rehired 30 Aug 1915 as armed patrol craft operating in Gulf of Triest.12 Apr 1917 badly damaged in collision with SS Pelagosa.Nov 1917 reassigned to Lagunen flotilla.1918 escort vessel based at Fiume.17 Jun 1918 at Pola.171t

Salona (Ungaro-Croata)                                              1904                24 Jan 1918    
Used as transport for troops proceeding to and from leave on Fiume - Cattaro route.April 1918 ran aground but only lightly damaged.?14 Oct 1918 experienced propeller problems off Smokvica near Sebenico; beached then sunk (or was it SS Valona?).950t

San Giusto(Nuova Societŕ Cittadina di Navigazione a Vapore)
                                                                        1898                1917
Used for towing at Triest.1918 transferred to Lagunen flotilla as Kannonenboot III109t

San Mauroex-Santorio(J Hropich)                             1888                29 Feb 1916   
Hired and armed for use as escort vessel on Fiume-Zara route.04 Jul 1916 struck by torpedo from enemy submarine in Gulf of Fiume; torpedo failed to explode.17 Dec 1916 unsuccessfully torpedoed three times by enemy submarine near Veglia.May 1917 sold to A Riboli and renamed Erzsi.Returned to her owners 10 Sep 1917.133t

Sava(Ungaro-Croata)                                                  1898                1917
Hired for use by Operation Aquaduct.1918 in Zelenika.159t

Semiramis(Lloyd Austriaco)                                        1895                26 Jul 1917
1917 accommodation ship for German navy personnel at Pola.28 May to 12 Jul 1918 command/accommodation ship for Austro-Hungarian U-Boots.4165t

Senj(Ungaro-Croata)                                                   1907                1916   
Used as military transport vessel between the Bocche and Antivari.In collision with U11 in the Bocche 25 Nov 1916.14 Jan 1917 transferred to Castelnuovo Naval Harbour Command.Seriously damaged by fire at Antivari 10/11 May 1917.From 24 Oct 1917 transferred to escort duties.16 Feb 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.In action against enemy submarines 02 May, 23 May, 24 May, 13 Jun, 26 Jun, 14 Jul, 15 Jul and 22 Jul.246t

Siraly(Ungaro-Croata)                                                 1900                1917
Used for local duties at Triest.1918 in Zelenika.125t

Sirena (Navigazione Libera Triestina)                           1910                12 Aug 1914   
Hired as coal depot ship for use by 19 Corps in Cattaro.Returned to her owners 25 Apr 1915 but rehired 21 Jun 1915.Returned to her owners 17 May 1916 but rehired 03 Jul 1916.Returned to her owners Sep 19183,520t

Slavija (Austro-Croata)                                               1911                18 Mar 1916   
Hired for use at Pola.Into service as armed escort vessel based at Sebenico.26 Jun 1916 torpedoed four times unsuccessfully by enemy submarine.01 Oct 1916 in collision with SS Vodice. 16 Feb 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.In action against enemy submarines27 Jul, 13 Aug and 05 Sep 1918.234t

Sofia Hohenberg(Austro-Americana)                          1905                10 Aug 1914
Frozen meat depot ship at Castelnuovo.From 1918 reassigned as stationary hospital ship. 5501t

Sparta(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1913                1917
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.982t

Stambul(Lloyd Austriaco)                                            1910                1917
Used as military transport between Fiume and Albania.Sunk during Allied attack on Durazzo 02 Oct 1918.3817t

Styria (Lloyd Austriaco)                                                                      1916
Originally reserved as Dampfer XIII, but Urano was requisitioned instead.Requisitioned 1916 as Dampfer XIII (b).Used as military transport (munitions) on Albanian routes.29/30 Mar 1916 escorted from Prevlaka by Tb 53T.02 Apr 1916 aground briefly near Prevlaka while being escorted by Tb 88F.Munitions ship from 1917.20 Jan 1918 in collision with Tb 80 off Bojana estuary.Jun 1918 redesignated as stationary munitions depot because of her poor speed.2903t

Szápáry(Adria)                                                            1877                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.1021t

Széged(Adria)                                                             1902                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.19 Jun 1918 rammed Tb 54T while in convoy.2859t

Szent Istvan(Adria)                                                     1910                1915
Hired for use as military transport on Dalmatian routes from Fiume.End 1915 used to transport Howitzers and Mörsers to the Bocche.1917/18 used on Albanian routes.3080t

Szent Lászlo(Adria)                                                    1892                1916
Hired for use as military transports on Albanian routes.15 May 1918 attacked by Italian motor boats while leaving the Bocche and forced to return to port.1551t

Szterényi (Atlantica)                                                    1907                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.Jul 1917 damaged while recoaling in Fiume.May 1918 returned to her owners for a few days only.3669t

Tátra   (Ungaro-Croata)                                              1905                19 Nov 1916  
Armed escort vessel.16 Feb 1918 transferred to submarine search flotilla.18 Apr 1918 unsuccessfully bombed by Italian aircraft north of Brioni.18 Aug 1918 persued enemy submarine near Ostro-Meleda.28 Aug 1918 ran aground on Radenovic Point; pulled free by SS Makarska.11 Sep 1918 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine off Cape Menders.232t

Tebe(Tripcovich)                                                         1873                1917
Hired for local military transport.Could only make 5 knots in still water, two to three knots into a headwind.1785t

Tihany(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1908                ?
12 Feb 1917 ran aground near Mamula while approaching the Bocche.Sank in deep water while being towed clear.204t

Tisza(Adria)                                                                1880                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.1041t

Toto(MU Martinolich)                                                  1876                29 Feb 1916
Hired for use at Pola but returned to her owners 20 Mar 1916.70t

Trieste                                                                        (Lloyd Austriaco)         1897    Jan 1918
Hired as military transport on Albanian routes.Jul 1918 returned to her owners but rehired 27 Jul 1918 as accommodation ship at Cattaro.She was not however required by the U-boot station and hence was returned to her owners at Sebenico.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel in Lagunen flotilla)5106t

Trieste D(Dalmatia)                                                    1909                ?
Sank in Triest harbour due to overloading 21 Apr 1915.Her load was salvaged and her salving planned, but SS Titan and SS Belrorie were not available.Finally raised 30 Jun 1915.896t

Valdarche(Triest Excise Directorate)                           1899                08 Aug 1914
Steam launch.Returned to her owners 25 Nov 1914; rehired 29 May 1915 for duties at Pola.27t

Valona(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1911                26 Feb 1917   
Hired initially as local escort vessel based at Pola.06 Nov 1917 transferred to Lagunen flotilla.1918 based at Sebenico then Lussin.03 Apr 1918 at Sebenico.Lost near Smokvica Island 14 Oct 1918 following propeller problems (or was it SS Salona?).346t

Veljkoex-Aussa(NA Dubokovich)                               1879                1917
Hired for local use at Triest and Operation Aquaduct.Attacked by three Italian aircraft east of Grado 14 Mar 1918.Jul 1918 transferred to Zelenika to 19 Corps Supplies Division.79t

Venezia(Ungaro-Croata)                                             1883                05 Jan 1916
Hired for use at Castelnuovo Naval Base.Used as transport between the Bocche and Budua as well as within the Bocche.Returned to her owners Oct 1918.313t

Vertes(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1907                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.550t

Vida(Hotelgesellschaft Grignano-Miramare)                  1895                11 Mar 1916
Hired for local use at Triest, including Operation Aquaduct.1918 transferred to Teodo Arsenal.129t

Vila(Dalmatia)                                                              1890                ?
Torpedoed by Italian submarine between Fiume and Caposcesto 30 Jun 1918; six lost.405t

Vitez(Dalmatia)                                                            1868                03 Nov 1916
Hired for transport of liquid fuels within the Bocche.173t

Vodice(Dalmatia)                                                         1908                07 Apr 1916   
Hired and armed for use as pilot and escort vessel based at Sebenico.01 Oct 1916 in collision with SS Slavija.Rammed Tb 67F seriously damaging her 17 Sep 1918.Contact with enemy submarine 19 Sep 1918.154t

Vragnizza(J Guina& Co)                                             1866                Nov 1914
Hired for local use at Metkovic.Oldest Austro-Hungarian merchant ship to be requisitioned for use in the Adriatic, but see also under Danube Hospital Ships and Weichsel flotilla.94t

Whitehead(Whitehead Torpedofabrik)                        ?                      03 Jun 1915
Torpedo boat.Hired for use at Brioni U-boot Station.47t

Wien(Lloyd Austriaco)                                                 1911                16 or 26 Feb 1916
Served briefly as hospital ship.Following a grounding which damaged her propeller, returned to her owners 29 Jun 1916.Requisitioned again 07 Dec 1917 as accommodation ship for German Navy personnel at Pola.Sunk by Italian frogmen 01 Nov 1918, salved, renamed Vienna in 1921, Po in 1935.Serving again as (Italian) hospital ship when sunk by enemy aircraft at Valona 14 Mar 1941.Largest requisitioned ship (see also sister ship SS Helouan)7367t

Zadar-Zara(Zara Excise Directorate)                           1910                15 Aug 1914   
Hired for use as armed escort vessel based at Sebenico but used at Pola.Dec 1917 converted to anti-submarine vessel, working with SS Pelagosa.From 1918 based at Sebenico.303t

Zagreb(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1892                ?
Unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Cape Planka 28 Feb 1916.14 Jan 1917 torpedoed by French submarine Archimédes near Cape Planka.537t

Zara(Dalmatia)                                                             1903                1916
Used as military transport between Fiume and Albania.338t

Zaton(Ragusea)                                                           1892                1916
Used as military transport between the Bocche and Albania.559t

Zichy(Adria)                                                                1884                01 Apr 1915
Hired for use as coal transport at Pola as replacement for SS Hrvat as Dampfer XIX (b).20 Jan 1917 ran aground in Mezzo Channel; refloated 22 Jan while secured by Tb 10.23 Jan 1917 escorted to Sebenico by Tb 12.Repaired at Sebenico and returned to kuk Kriegsmarine.12/13 Feb 1917 escorted to Curzola by Tb 10.1877t

Zrinyi(Adria)                                                               1892                1916
Used as military transport on Albanian routes.11 Sep 1918 damaged during air raid on San Giovanni di Medua.1553t




Árpád(Adria)                                                               1892                1916   
Used 1916 as transport on Fiume-Albania routes.19 Jan 1917 struck mine off entrance to the Bocche; seriously damaged.1172t

Atlantico(Gerolimich)                                                  1898                Sep 1914
Used as depot ship for 19 Corps Command in the Bocche.3346t

Báró Kemény(Adria)                                                  1899                1917
Used on Albania routes.2727t

Baron Beck(Lloyd Austriaco)                                     1907                01 May 1918
Used on Dalmatia routes.28 Sep 1918 ran aground near San Marco island; refloated following day and taken to Fiume for repairs, which were not carried out.3891t

Bellena(Tripcovich)                                                     1887                08 Mar 1916
Used as transport.Damaged by grounding 15 May 1916 and returned to owners.Hired again 1917.2687t           

Brasso(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1908                1917
Used as transport.In collision with SS Palonia off Cape Planka 03 Sep 1918.Returned to owners 28 Sep 1918.396t

Brioni(Lloyd Austriaco)                                               1910.               1916
Employed as cargo ship.(also see above)1111t

Bucovina(Lloyd Austriaco)                                          1902.               1917
(also see above)2926t

Carlo(Tripcovich)                                                        1904                1917
17 Feb 1918 ran agound during a storm on Mala Slivanjska reef near Veglia and sank.829t

Corvin(Levante)                                                          1913                1916
Used for military transport between Fiume and Albania.18 Jun 1918 sustained light damage during air raid on Antivari.1432t

Dalmatia(Lloyd Austriaco)                                          1903                1916
Used for transport between Dalmatia and Albania.04 Jan 1917 escorted to Durazzo by Csepel and Tb 100M.20 Sep 1918 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine three times in southern Adriatic while in convoy.3104t

Galicia(Lloyd Austriaco)                                              1902                1916
Used for transport between Fiume and Albania.20 Feb 1918 to Durazzo.2836t

Graz(Lloyd Austriaco)                                                 1908                Jan 1918
Used as transport on Albanian routes.Damaged during Allied raid on Durazzo 02 Oct 1918.Did not return to Triest until after end of hostilities.3905t

Hercegovina(Dalmatia)                                               1913                1916
Hired for use as transport between Fiume and Metkovic; 1917-1918 used on Albanian routes.Seriously damaged 15/16 Feb 1918 by collision with Warasdiner during snow storm.Still under repair in summer 1918.Struck during Allied raid on Durazzo 02 Oct 1918.748t

Honvéd(Atlantica)                                                       ?                      1917
Used for transport of wood between the Bocche and Gravosa.19 Aug 1918 seriously damaged by petrol explosion.2216t

Jókai(Adria)                                                                1899                1916
Used as transport on Albanian routes.2736t

Karlsbad(Lloyd Austriaco)                                          1909.               1918
Used as transport on Albanian routes.Grounded near Cape Pali 19 Aug 1918 while in transit from the Bocche to Durazo; refloated 20 Aug 1914 and resumed journey.In service until 1932.3819 t

Kelet(Levante)                                                            1904                1917
Used as transport on Albanian routes.12 Jun 1917 ran aground in Morlacca Channel while under way to Cattaro; refloated but found to be badly damaged, so returned to Fiume. 942t

Kossuth Ferencz(Atlantica)                                         1906                1917
Used as transport on Albanian routes.Jan 1918 returned to owners.3553t

Leopolis(Lloyd Austriaco)                                           1909                Mar 1918
Used on Albanian routes.01 Nov 1918 left the Bocche for Fiume carrying German U-boot crews.Delayed arrival (until 04 Nov) after hearing radio report of Italian troops occupying Fiume; presumed lost but had been hiding.3905t

Linz(Lloyd Austriaco)                                                  1909                1917
Used as transport on Albanian routes.20 Feb 1918 to Durazzo.Sunk 19 March 1918 north west of Cape Rodini by torpedo.697 lost, including 413 PoWs and 1 Red Cross Nurse; 306 saved in operation involving Balaton, Tb 74 and Tb 98.3820t

Lokrum(Ragusea)                                                        1909                Jul 1914
Hired at outbreak of war as transport.06/07 Jun 1916 torpedoed by two Italian motor boats in Durazzo harbour; sank by entire load salved.924t

Lovrjenac(Ragusea)                                                    1909                1916
Used as transport on Albanian routes.1917 at Zelenika.924t                  

Magyarország(Atlantica)                                            1907                1916
Used briefly for military transport between Fiume and the Bocche.Rehired Mar 1918 as Army transport.3661t

Mamula( ? )                                                                ?                      Jul 1914
Purchased at outbreak of war for use by Army Administration in the Bocche.

Marianne(Austro-Americana)                                     1900                1916
Used as transport between Fiume and Dalmatia.30 Dec 1916 struck local steamer Airone in Zara Channal; latter sank.1917-1918 used as transport on Albanian routes.21 Sep 1918 struck mine near Ozit Point on Sabioncello; beached near Luka; salved and towed to Fiume 27 Sep 1918.Transferred to Triest for repairs.3485t

Meran(Lloyd Austriaco)                                              1909                1917
Used as transport on Albanian routes.Sep 1918 returned to owners.3819t

Miramar I(MU Martinolich)                                        1893                1915
Acquired from kuk Kriegsmarine at Pola.As a saloon steamer, she was not used for transporting troops.95t

Nehay(Ungaro-Croata)                                               1884                1916

Neretva(Dalmatia)                                                       1909                1917
Used on Lussin - Cherso - Fiume route.Transferred to submarine search fleet 12 Mar 1918.160t

Novi(Ungaro-Croata)                                                  1908                1916
Used as transport between the Bocche and Antivari.From 28 Jul 1917 used by kuk Kriegsmarine for patrol duties.247t

Pozsony(Ungaro-Croata)                                             1908                Jul 1914
Hired on outbreak of war.19 Aug 1916 sunk by mine near Mali Dures; 31 lost, 139 rescued.306t

Quarnero I(Consorzio Fiumano Omnibus Marittimi)     ?      24 Oct 1916
Hired for use by 19 Corps.

Rakoczy(Adria)                                                           1892                1916
Used on routes between Fiume and Dalmatia.1554t

Salzburg(Lloyd Austriaco)                                           1902                1916
Used on Fiume - Cattaro route.27 Apr 1916 briefly grounded at Cape Planka but managed to resume voyage.1917 used on Albanian routes.11 Jul 1918 grounded while approaching Durazzo, but managed to make harbour.Oct 1918 returned to her owners.3226t

Sarajevo(Lloyd Austriaco)                                           1909                1916
Used as transport on Fiume - Albania routes.26 Jun 1916 torpedoed by Italian motor boat in Durazzo; sank with no loss of life.Salvage operation begun on 20 Aug 1916.19 Sep 1916 at Pola .01 Aug 1918 sold to Army Administration.(Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)1111t

Sirena(Tripcovich)                                                       1910                1917
Army depot ship at Castelnuovo.(also see above)3520t

Szamos(Ungaro-Croata)                                              1908                1917
Used to transport injured soldiers within the Bocche.138t

Tivat(J Radanicich)                                                      ?                      1916
Hired in 1916, then purchased, for use as transport for injured soldiers within the Bocche.48t

Veljkoex-Aussa(NA Dubokovich)                               1879                1917
Jul 1918 transferred to Zelenika to 19 Corps Supplies Division.(See under Requisitioned Steamers)79t




Arimatea(G L Premuda)                                              1902                28 Aug 1915
Struck by Russian grenade and towed back to Constaninople; sank; not raised until 1919.3811t

Bitinia(Tripovich)                                                        1900                08 Sep 1915
Struck twice by torpedoes in Black Sea but made Constantinolpe.3125t

Carmen(MU Martinolich)                                            1911                12 Sep 1915
Sunk by Russian destroyer Pronzitelynj 09 Jan 1916.4424t

Dubrovnik(Napried)                                                   1912                12 Sep 1915
Renamed Dutor.Sunk by Russian submarine Tjulen near Galara Burnu. (Beware confusion with eponymous vessel)4232t

Illiria(Tripcovich)                                                         1909                Beginning Aug 1915
Sunk by Russian submarine Nerpa 05 Sep 1915.1066t




Dock 2000t                       Hired from Austria Werfte 18 Mar 1917 and towed following day to Pola from Triest.22 Mar 1917 towed to Sebenico.

Dock III                            Acquired from Cantiere Navale 21 Sep 1915 and stationed in the Bocche.

Nilo                                   Pontoon crane hired from A H U 22 Apr 1916 for use at Zelenika.

Pontonkran 25t                 Hired from Lloyd Austriaco 25 May 1915 for use at Pola Arsenal.

Pontonkran 25t                 Hired from STT 25 May 1915 for use at Pola Arsenal.1918 in Teodo.

Pontonkran 40t                 Hired from Lagerhäuser Triest 25 May 1915 for use at Cattaro.1918 with Lagunen flotilla.

Pontonkran 40t                 Hired from Seebehörde Triest 25 May 1915 for Pola Arsenal.09 Oct 1915 in the Bocche.

Pontonkran                       Hired from A H U 24 Oct 1916 for Naval Architect at Gjenovic.

Pontonkran Nr 1 (30t)      Hired from Gregersen & Schwartz Sep 1915 for use at Fiume.