Csepel 29 Dec 1913

1914 Into service 04 Aug. 13 Aug picked up survivors from Dampfer XVI (Baron Gautsch). 17 Oct reconnaissance from Pelagosa to Punta d’Ostro. 20-25 Oct at Pola for installation of machine-gun. From 28 Oct on Sebenico station. 27 Nov at Pola. Work on torpedo equipment until 11 Dec. 13 Dec - 04 Jan on Sebenico station.

1915 05 Jan at Pola for cleaning of oil tanks and fitting of further machine-guns; then on Sebenico station. 16 Apr at Pola. 08-12 May in dock for screw change. 24 May shelled Manfredonia station; exchange with Italian destroyer Turbine and then picked up survivors. 23/24 Jul action against Italian coast. 27 Jul action against Pelagosa. 21 Dec at Cattaro. 28/29 Dec action at Durazzo; picked up survivors from French submarine Monge; shelled ships in Durazzo Harbour; unsuccessfully took mined Triglav in tow; long engagement with Italian cruiser Quarto. Returned to Cattaro in early hours of 30 Dec.

1916 04-16 Jan in dock at Pola. 26 Jan to Cattaro. 27 Jan in collision with Orjen. 03-12 Feb in dock. 03 Mar - 20 Apr under repair in Pola. 21 Apr at Cattaro. 04 May torpedoed by French submarine Bernoulli South of San Remo; secured by Balaton and Tb 53T and towed to the Bocche; docked and made safe for further towing. 13-16 May towed alongside steamship Meran to Fiume. 03 Jun brought ashore at Porto Ré for major repairs to her stern. 06 Aug towed to Danubius/Bergudi - in dock for work until 29 Aug. 02 Sep, 23 Sep and 07 Oct sea trials. 30 Oct to Cattaro.

1917 On Cattaro station. 04 Jan to Durazzo with SS Dalmatia and Tb 100M. 14/15 May attacks in Strait of Otranto with Balaton; attacked an Italian convoy, sinking Italian escort destroyer Borea and steamship Carrocio, which was carrying munitions, and seriously damaging steamships Veritá and Bersagliere; engaged Italian reconnaissance cruiser Aquila and inflicted sufficient damage to disable her. 15 Jul - 16 Sep at Pola for repair and overhaul. 17 Sep at Cattaro. 18/19 Oct in action between Valona and Brindisi. 05 and 29 Nov air support duties. 14 Dec attack in Strait of Otranto.

1918 On Cattaro station. 01 Feb involved in Cattaro Mutiny. 07-20 Apr overhaul at Pola. 22/23 Apr attack South of Valona with Triglav (II). 27 Apr at Pola. 09/10 Jun readied for planned attack in Strait of Otranto. 13 Jun - 07 Oct under repair at Pola. 08 Oct to Cattaro.

At Pola at end of War. To Italy as Muggia. From 10 Mar 1927 station ship at Shanghai, covering entire Chinese coast. Lost in typhoon or fog on Finger Rocks, Hea Chu Islands near Amoy, China 25 Mar 1929.