Balaton 03 Nov 1913

1914 Returned to service 01 Aug. 13 Aug picked up survivors from Dampfer XVI (Baron Gautsch). 12 Oct reconnaissance from Pelagosa to Bari. 02 Nov reconnaissance at Lissa. 22 Dec reconnaissance off Pelagosa; unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine.

1915 From Feb on Cattaro station. 18 Feb attack in Strait of Otranto. 13 Apr at Pola. 30 May to Lissa with U6. 07 Jul towed German U-Boot U18 to Cattaro. 23 Jul attack on Italian coast. 28 Jul, 17 Aug and 09 Sep action against Pelagosa. 23 Nov and 05 Dec attacks in Strait of Otranto. 29 Dec sunk French submarine Monge; picked up survivors.

1916 01 Jan - 11 Feb under repair at Pola. 12 Feb at Cattaro. 31 May (with Orjen, Tb 77T, Tb 79T and Tb 81T) and 04 Jul attacks in Strait of Otranto. 08 Nov to Pola. 09 Nov damaged during exceptional manoeuvre.

1917 16 Feb at Cattaro; unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Bojana estuary. 28 Apr and 06 May attacks in Strait of Otranto. 14/15 May attacks in Strait of Otranto with Csepel; attacked Italian convoy, sinking Italian escort destroyer Borea and steamship Carrocio, which was carrying munitions, and seriously damaging steamships Veritá and Bersagliere; engaged Italian reconnaissance cruiser Aquila; unsuccessfully torpedoed by French submarine Bernoulli. 20 Sep and 10 Oct attacks in Strait of Otranto. 40 convoy assignments and 6 aircraft support sorties.

1918 01/02 Feb involved in Cattaro Mutiny. 19 Mar rescuing soldiers and sailors from SS Linz off Cape Rodoni with Tb 74 and Tb 98. 08 Apr from Cattaro to Pola. 27 Apr at Pola. 08 Jun at Cattaro. From 11 Jun on Pola station. 02 Jul with Csikós, Tb 83 and Tb 88 in attack on Stabilimento Balneare; in exchange with Italian destroyer group; light damage incurred. From 12 Sep under repair at Pola and not returned to service by end of War. 16 convoy assignments and numerous air support sorties.

To Italy as Zenson; used as source of spare parts for Csepel and Orjen. Struck off 1923.