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Welcome to this source of information on the Austro-Hungarian Navy - die k.u.k. Kriegsmarine. Currently the emphasis of the website is on the ships which operated during the First World War, but it is hoped to extend the coverage in the future.

Austria-Hungary had a coastline on the Adriatic until 1918.  Roughly, it corresponded to today's Croatian coast, but included from Triest in the North (an Austrian city from 1284 to 1918) to Kotor / Cattaro (today in Montenegro, but for acentury an Austrian city) in the South.  As a result, she had both a Navy and a commercial maritime fleet.  Both of them sailed the world.  In English football terms, Austria-Hungary was not perhaps in the Premier League, but was definitely at the top of the Championship.  She also operated riverine flotillas, notably on the Danube.  Indeed, it was a monitor of Austria-Hungary's Danube flotilla that fired the first shots of World War I, at Belgrade, Serbia.

First-time visitors to the website should read the notes and list of abbreviations.  If you are unfamiliar with the Kriegsmarine and her craft, the best starting point is to download and print a basic list in Word 97 format, which will give you a quick impression of the scale of the Kriegsmarine during World War I.

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