JANUARY Major Russian offensive.
Orders placed for six 850t high seas submarines (U48 to U53) due for commissioning from Nov 1918.
01 Tatra under repair at Pola until 24 Apr. Balaton under repair at Pola until 11 Feb.
Sat British armed merchant ship Glengyle (9395t) torpedoed by German U38 240 nm east by south from Malta; ten lost.
01/4/5 Wildfang and Uskoke minelaying off north east Italian coast.
02 Orjen on sea trials.
03 Orjen to Cattaro.
04 New Austro-Hungarian offensive against Montenegro.
Csepel in dock at Pola until 16 Jan.
Tb 57T, Tb 76T, Tb 79T, Tb 83F, Tb 87F and Tb 88F minelaying in Gulf of Triest. Tb 59T, Tb 60T and Tb 75T minelaying off north east Italian coast.
SS Tirol rehired as hospital ship.



British merchant ship Coquet (4396t) bombed by German U38 200 nm east of Malta; 17 lost and 10 made PoW by Arabs.
05 Tb 71F at Pola. Tb 85F found crewless aircraft off Menderes Point; unable to to recover her so set on fire.
SS Cement rehired as stores ship in the Bocche. SS Venezia hired for use at Castelnuovo Naval base.
06 Evacuation of Troubridge (British Naval Mission in Serbia) from San Giovanni di Medua in Italian destroyer.
Italian transport Brindisi (863t) mined at San Giovanni di Medua as she arrived from Brindisi with several hundred tons of food and 425 Montenegrin reservists from Canada; 266 lost.
Heavy shelling in the Bocche.
08 Huszar shelled by Montenegrin positions at Traste.
SS Elektra rehired as hospital ship.
Italian armed merchant cruiser Citta di Palermo (1052t) mined off Brindisi by mine laid by German UC14; c100 British lost but c100 rescued by drifters. Drifters Freuchny and Morning Star mined during rescue attempts.
Italians reinforced Durazzo.
08/09 Budapest, Aspern, Kaiser Karl VI, Kaiser Franz Joseph I and Panther shelled Mount Lovcen supporting 19 Corps from Kukuljina Bay (Budapest had to flood some compartments to get necessary gun elevation); Tb 73F in support. Mount Lovcen captured by Austro-Hungarians; with these Montenegrin (ex-French) guns silenced, it became possible to station cruisers at Cattaro.
09 SS Carmen sunk in Black Sea by Russian destroyer Pronzitelynj.
Tender Nr.20 rehired for use at Sebenico.
10 Warasdiner shelled Montenegrin coast.
11 Saida, Csikós, Scharfschütze, Tb 75T, Tb 76T and Tb 88F supporting air raid on Rimini. Tb 98M in dock for propeller change.
French troops landed at Corfu from Bizerta by four armed cruisers; Greek protests ignored.
Mount Lovcen fell to Austro-Hungarians.
12 Austria/Montenegro cease-fire.
Tb 53T completed maintenance at Pola.
Allied troops occupied Corfu.
13 Austro-Hungarian cruiser making for Cattaro torpedoed and damaged by French submarine Foucault (397t).
Cetinje, capital of Montenegro, fell to Austro-Hungarians.
14 Pandur in dock for boiler change until 25 Mar. 
15 Dampfer VII converted to accommodation ship for German U-Boot personnel at Cattaro.
16 Csepel returned to service.
Saida at Pola. Csikós, Scharfschütze, Tb 76T, Tb 78T and Tb 79T on aircraft support duties (raid on Ancona). Verlebit and Streiter searching for missing aircraft. 
Tb 65F rescued flying boat L66 off Traste. Tb 77T towed downed flying boat L83 to the Bocche.
Tug Sebino rehired for use at Castelnuovo.
U-Boot (probably German U33) unsuccessfully attacked British Q-ship Margit (properly Thornhill) and armed merchant vessel Baron Napier (4943t) 170 nm east of Malta.
British merchant vessel Sutherland (3542t) sunk by U-Boot gunfire 192 south east by east from Malta; one lost.
18 Csikós found crewless flying boat L59, which had left Pola for a bombing raid on Ancona and whose crew had been captured by British submarine B11 (287t) on 17 Jan.
SS Pannonia requisitioned as accommodation ship for German U-boot personnel at Cattaro.
Italian hospital ship König Albert (6290t; ex-Norddeutscher Lloyd) stopped off San Giovanni di Medua by U11; ordered into Cattaro for inspection and then released after 36 hours. (German vessel which had been interned by Italy and then converted to hospital ship; later renamed Ferdinando Palasciano.)
British armed merchant vessel Marere (6443t) sunk by U-Boot gunfire 236 nm east of Malta.
20 Italian-supplied British auxiliary inspection steamer Mazzini unsuccessfully attacked by U-Boot off Saseno Island. U-Boot shelled by British armed drifter Garrigill off Cape Laghi at south end of Durazzo Bay.
British merchant vessel Trematon (4198t) captured by U-Boot 180 nm east by south of Malta.
21 Austro-Hungarian patrols entered Scutari.
Upper age limit for conscription raised to 55.
Collier Pola joined fleet; to Cattaro with Tb 71F.
22 Austro-Hungarians occupied Scutari, Antivari and Dulcigno. Austro-Bulgarian forces took Berat. Allied evacuation of San Giovanni di Medua ended.
Tb 69F to Sebenico.
British armed transport Norseman (9542t) torpedoed by German U39 in Gulf of Salonika; towed to Mudros and beached.
23 Tb 81T brought freed crew of Zenta to Pola following fall of Montenegro.
24 U11 at Gjenivic.
25 Armistice signed by Austria-Hungary and Montenegro.
Tb 65F at Pola for repairs.
Air raid against Durazzo.
Mb U C requisitioned for military duties on Lake Skutari and River Bojana.
Final allied departure fron San Giovanni di Medua - French drifters Marie Rose and Pétrel II.
26 Huszar recovered flying boat L83. Csepel to Cattaro.
Serb evacuation started from Valona.
27 Csepel in collision with Orjen.
Novara and two destroyers thwarted in attack on Durazzo by Italian protected cruiser Puglia (2538t) and French destroyer Bouclier (692t). Accompanying aircraft bombed Durazzo to little effect.
Kaiser Karl VI at Pola.
28 Austro-Hungarians occupied Alessio and San Giovanni di Medua.
British drifter Heatherbloom on Otranto barrage caught U-Boot in her nets but latter escaped.
29 Italians quit Durazzo.
Orjen under repair at Pola until 16 Feb.
30 By this date 33,000 Serbs and Montenegrins had been evacuated: 7,000 to Bizerta, Tunisia, 21,000 to Corfu, Greece, and 5,000 to Marseilles and Corsica, France.
Motorboot 1 and Motorboot 2 requisitioned from Triest Excise Department for use at Pola Flying Station.
FEBRUARY SS Africa into use as hospital ship.
01 Austro-Hungarians occupied Kroja.
Tues SS Cyklops requisitioned as sea rescue vessel.
British merchant vessel Belle of France (3876t) torpedoed by U-Boot 126 nm north west by north of Alexandria; 19 lost.
02 Wildfang, Tb 83F and Tb 87F to Cattaro.
Two Austro-Hungarian aeroplanes dropped bombs on Valona killing some 20 Italian and Serbian soldiers. One was forced down near mouth of River Vojuzza and was captured by Italian torpedo craft; crew however were rescued by other aircraft.
French transport/trawler Jean Bart went down 4 nm from Cape Laghi while returning to Durazzo from Valona.
02/03 Sankt Georg, Wildfang, Tb 83F, Tb 87F, Tb 88F and Tb 98M in action against Ortona and San Vito, shelling railway stations.
03 Csepel in dock until 12 Feb.
04  Tb 88F at Gjenovic.
U-Boot torpedoed French transport SS Assiria, escorted by Italian destroyers Animoso (750t) and Garibaldino (395t), near Durazzo, scoring direct hit but torpedo failed to exploded
05 Mb Mimi requisitioned for military duties on Lake Skutari and River Bojana.
06 Helgoland, accompanied by Tb 74T, Tb 78T, Tb 80T, Tb 83F, Tb 87F and Tb 88F, engaged British light cruiser Weymouth (5250t) and French destroyer Bouclier (692t) in Otranto Strait. 
Wildfang (and five torpedo boats, two of which collided) exchanged fire with Italian destroyer Pilade Bronzetti (770t) and British light cruiser Liverpool (4800t), which had been spotted by Austro-Hungarian aircraft heading for Brindisi; returned to Cattaro. Attempt to disrupt Serb evacuation was thus foiled.
British aerial reconnaisance revealed three dreadnoughts, six pre-dreadnoughts, two older battleships plus cruisers and torpedo craft in Pola harbour.
08 British drifter Lily Reiach (88t) caught U-Boot in her nets 1˝ nm west south west of Sasseno Island; latter escaped.
Italian steamer Duano, escorted by Italian torpedo boats Centauro (216t) and Albatros (216t) unsuccessfully torpedoed by U-Boot off Cape Laghi. French steamer Miquelon unsuccessfully torpedoed off Cape Laghi; torpedo recovered by French destroyer Faulx (734t).
French armoured cruiser Admiral Charner (4681t) torpedoed by German U21 off Syrian coast.
09 Austro-Hungarian troops made further gains in Albania.
Serb evacuation at Durazzo completed (88,153 men); Serb government established at Corfu.
British armed merchant ship SS Springwell (5593t) torpedoed by German U35 64 nm south west by south from Gavdo Island, Crete. British Q-ship Werribee (properly Thornhill) engaged U35 inconclusively.
10  Wildfang attacked by enemy units off the Bocche.
Tender Nr.20 returned to her owners.
11 Tirana occupied by Austro-Hungarian troops.
Sankt Georg at Pola. Balaton returned to service. Uskoke and Tb 59T on Sebenico station.
SS Makarska requisitioned to operate timetabled service in the Bocche.
12  Balaton at Cattaro. Csepel returned to service.
SS Daniel Erno unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Cape Planka.
Air raid against Ravenna, Codigoro and Cavanello.
13 Elbasan taken by Bulgarian First Army.
14 Reka at Pola. Tb 54T transferred to Sebenico.
SS Cetina requisitioned as armed escort within the Bocche.
Milan, Treviglio, Bergano and Monza bombed by Austro-Hungarians.
15 German UC12 laid mines off Cape Laghi, which sank transport SS Memphis.
16 Orjen returned to service.
SS Ante-Starcevic requisitioned as minesweeper.
Montenegrin troops evacuated to Corfu.
Italian government decided to withdraw from Durazzo.
16 or 26 SS Wien requisitioned as hospital ship.
17 Collier Teodo joined fleet.
Austro-Hungarian U-Boot unsuccessfully torpedoed by British submarine H4 (364t) between Cape Rodoni and Brindisi.
18 Tb 85F at Pola for repairs.
Mb Etto requisitioned for use at Castelnuovo.
19 Orjen to Gjenovic.
20 British drifter Gavenwood (88t) mined 10 nm east of Brindisi.
By this date, 136,000 Serbs and Montenegrins had reached Corfu and 13,000 had reached Bizerta.
21 Austro-Hungarian troops reached the Adriatic coast at Kawaja to the south of Durazzo.
Italian hospital ship Marechiaro (102t) sunk off Durazzo by mine laid by German UC12; 112 rescued (all of injured) by British drifters Hastings Castle and Selina but 25 crew lost.
22 Tb 72F at Fiume. Tb 77T minelaying off Antivari.
23  German UC12 laid mines off Durazzo.
Italian trawler Monsone and Italian ocean tug Maritimo sunk by mines en route from Brindisi to Durazzo.
German U35 unsuccessfully torpedoed British liner Olympic (46,359t) in Mediterranean.
Italian government renewed order to withdraw from Durazzo which had been revoked since Mar 16.
23/24 Orjen in attack in Strait of Otranto.
25 Start of final evacuation of Durazzo by Albanian and Italian armies.
British drifter Lily Reaich (88t) mined off Durazzo. Italian auxiliary cruiser Cittŕ di Siracusa (1024t) damaged by Austro-Hungarian field guns in Durazzo harbour.
Italian picket boat Monsone (I) (91t; ex-Fench merchant ship Maumusson) sunk by mine laid by German UC12.
26  Helgoland in action against Durazzo with Turul. Wildfang in attack on Otranto.
Reka sustained damage during bad weather on arrival at Veruda.
SS Wien requisitioned for brief period as hospital ship.
French auxiliary cruiser Provence II (13,753t; used as a trooper) torpedoed by German U35 south of Cape Matapan; c1000 of 1800 lost. 
Allies set fire to Durazzo before last troops evacuated at 18.30 hrs.
26/27 Huszar in attack on Durazzo. Orjen in attack in Strait of Otranto.
27 Durazzo occupied by Austro-Hungarian troops; Italians entrenched at Valona.
Dampfer XX began tow of U11 from Cattaro to Pola, arriving 04 Mar.
28 Warasdiner unsuccessfully torpedoed twice by enemy submarine near Mulo.
Tb 66F struck quay at Rovigno.
Austro-Hungarian U-Boot unsuccessfully torpedoed by British submarine H1 (364t) 10 nm west of Durazzo.
SS Zagreb unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Cape Planka.
29 SS San Mauro hired and armed for use as escort vessel on Fiume - Zara route.
SS Toto hired for use at Pola.
King Peter I of Serbia evacuated from Valona to Corfu by French destroyer Sabre (298t).
01 Warasdiner at Pola. Tb 89F joined fleet.
Weds Twelve German U-Boots operating in Mediterranean.
German U35 or U68 (German UB68) sank British sloop Primula (1250t).
British merchant vessel Kilbride (3712t) captured by U-Boot 30 nm east of Galita Islands, Tunisia.
02 German UC12 minelaying 2 nm off Brindisi.
03 Csepel under repair in Pola until 20 Apr.
Tb 22 mined off Sebenico; salved by Herkules.
British drifter Boy Harold (74t) mined 2 nm off Brindisi; seven lost.
04 French steamer Giava sunk by U-Boot between Crete and Alexandria.
Ration cards for sugar issued.
05 SS Kotor requisitioned as harbour defence vessel at Pola.
06 SS Epulo requisitioned for use in Lagunnen flotilla and for local traffic in Triest. Tender/tug Nanos requisitioned for use by Lagunen flotilla. Motorboot V (ex-Lloyd Austriaco) transferred to Lagunen flotilla.
08 SS Bellena requisitioned by army as transport.
British drifter Enterprise II (84t) mined 2 nm off Brindisi; all hands lost.
09 GERMAN DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST PORTUGAL (following Portuguese seizure of German ships).
Tb 16 rammed by SS Andrássy en route from Antivari.
11 Tb 77T under repair at Pola until 02 May.
SS Vida hired for local use at Triest. Mb Vita requisitioned for use at Pola Harbour. Tender/tug Fratelli Amodeo requisitioned for use by Lagunen flotilla and Operation Aquaduct.
12 Admiral Haus memo to Conrad prevented Austro-Hungarian Fleet making a ‘ruthless undertaking’ with Army’s planned offensive; danger of attack by enemy submarine cited.
13 Tb 100M joined fleet.
13 or 15 Dampfer VI returned to her owners.
14 Fierce fighting on the Isonzo front.
Ferry Boot IV and Ferry Boot V requisitioned for Lagunen flotilla.
Tb 2 unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Pericoloso. Tb 53T at the Bocche.
16 Tb 60T to Sebenico. Tb 70F in Pola.
16/17 U24 (168t; German UC12) sunk on own mines off San Paolo Island at entrance to Taranto harbour; raised (hence her carrying both German and Austro-Hungarian flags was discovered) and reconstructed as Italian XI in March 1917.
Dampfer III transferred to Army as transport. 
Mb Adriaco, Mb Disbeave and Mb Miramar P requisitioned for Lagunen flotilla.
17 Tb 81T minelaying off Durazzo. Tb 83F minelaying off Durazzo and Cape Rodoni. Tb 99M in dock for modifications to stern.
Mb Sansego requisitioned for use at Pola Arsenal.
18 U6 torpedoed and sank French destroyer Renaudin (756t) 7 nm west of Durazzo; unsuccessfully torpedoed French destroyer Commandant Bory (720t).
Tb 6 ran aground in thick fog on Skoljic rocks off Unie while under way from Pola to Lussin .
SS Slavija hired for use at Pola, but put into service as armed escort vessel based at Sebenico.
French submarine Ampčre (398t) attacked empty Austro-Hungarian hospital ship SS Elektra off Cape Planka in error; forced to beach but few casualties and only two lost. SS Elektra salved.
19 Tb 72F at Rogoznica. Tb 85F to Cattaro.
19/20 Italian destroyer Bersaglieri (395t) seriously damaged by Austro-Hungarian Lohner T bombers in Valona harbour; beached and salved.
20 Tb 6 pulled free by Herkules.
SS Toto returned to her owners. Mb Rocco transferred to Lagunen flotilla.
22 Tb 6 made Pola under her own power for repairs.
23 Orjen in unsuccessful search for U24 (see 16 Mar).
First Pola-built U-Boot, UB42, and Tb 92F into service. Steam yacht Suzumé transferred to pilot duties at Pola.
25 Pandur returned to service.
26  Velebit into service following repair
Tug Duino ran aground near Salvore while on Operation Auaduct; next day attacked by enemy aircraft (see 02 Apr).
26/27 Orjen again in unsuccessful search for U24 (see 16 and 23 Mar).
27 Tb 89F and Tb 99M supporting air raid on Piave vecchia; latter towed downed flying boat to Parenzo.
SS Bellaura requisitioned.
27/29 Air attacks supporting Army on Isonzo front.
28 Italian attack on Isonzo front repelled.
Warasdiner to Cattaro.
29 British submarine B9 (287t) machine-gunned and bombed by Austro-Hungarian aircaft 15 nm off Pola. Air raids against Valona.
29/30 Tb 53T escorting SS Styria from Prevlaka.
31  SS Andrássy struck mine and sank while leaving San Giovanni di Medua; 5 lost.
Mb Margherita R requisitioned for use by Lagunen flotilla..
01 Allies divided Mediterranean into national zones of responsibility, Italy being given responsibility for Adriatic zone.
Sat SS Primero taken over by Pola Naval Harbour Command for Arsenal and harbour duties.
Italian steamers Egeo and Reposto torpedoed by U-Boot 20 nm east of Cape Alice (southern end of Gulf of Toranto.
Renewed fighting on the Isonzo front.
02 Orjen unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine.
Tb 51T at Gjenovic. SS Styria aground briefly near Prevlaka while escorted by Tb 88F.
Tug Duino refloated.
03 Tb 79T in action in Otranto Strait.
SS Elektra at Pola.
Mb Mabrouk requisitioned for use by Lagunen flotilla. Tender Nr.4 requisitioned for use by 19 Corps.
Flying boat L65 in rescue off Ancona following air raid.
British collier Sneaton (3470t) sunk/captured by U-Boot 35 nm off Cap de Garde, Tunisia.
Asquith visited Italian troops on Tagliamento front.
04 Turul under repair at Pola until 11 Apr.
SS Monfalcone requisitioned as escort vessel based at Fasana.
British sloop Wallflower unsuccessfully torpedoed by U-Boot between Malta and Cape Matapan.
Successful air raid against Ancona and Gorgo naval flying station.
Asquith visited Italian troops on Isonzo front.
05 SS Daniel Erno unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Cape Planka.
05 or 08 French submarine Archimčde (598t) sank an Austro-Hungarian transport.
05 or 11 Allied navies completed evacuation of Serb Army from Valona.
06 British Merchant vessel Yonne (4039t) torpedoed by U-Boot 18 nm north north west of Shershel, Algeria.
07 SS Vodice hired and armed for use as pilot and escort vessel based at Sebenico.
Air raid against San Giorgio di Nogara.
08 British collier Zafra (3578t) captured by U-Boot 44 nm north of Oran.
08/09 French submarine Archimčde (598t) sunk another Austro-Hungarian transport.
09 Mb Ada and Mb Ondina requisitioned for use by 19 Corps in Albania.
10 Tb 56T transferred from Spalato to Gjenovic for convoy duties.
11 Turul returned to service. Satellit at Pola. Mb Thalia requisitioned for use at the Bocche U-boot Station.
12 Mb Lozier requisitioned for use by 19 Corps Stores Division. Mb Pümpus requisitioned for use at the Bocche U-boot Station.
British Q-ship Wyandra (properly Baralong, former stores carrier) unsuccessfully attacked German U21 just south of Malta, and again in Messina Straits following day.
Allied navies started convoy of 125,000 Serb troops from Corfu to Salonika (until 31 May).
13 Mb Draga requisitioned for use by 19 Corps Stores Division.
16 Tb 93F joined fleet. SS Adria requisitioned as armed escort vessel.
Army hospital ship SS Tirol mined off Durazzo; beached, salved and towed to Cattaro by SS Africa on 24 Apr.
17 Tb 68F at Pola.
19 Tug/tender Mondina transferred to Pola Flying Station.
German U73 entered Mediterranean from Germany.
20 Csepel returned to service at Pola.
21 Scharfschütze returned to service after boiler replacement. Csepel at Cattaro.
Tb 51T towed U18 to Gravosa.
Italian air raid on Triest.
22 Pontoon crane Nilo hired for use at Zelenika.
24 Tatra returned to service. Motor Yacht Mia requisitioned for use at Pola Flying Station.
After US protests, Germany decided to adhere to prize law in U-Boot operations.
25 Dinara transferred to Pola.
26 SS Frankopan requisitioned as armed escort vessel and pilot stationed at Sebenico.
SS Tirol towed to Pola.
27 SS Salzburg briefly grounded at Cape Palanka.
Tug/tender Marte requisitioned for use at Pola Harbour.
British battleship Russell (14,000t), sloop Nasturtium (1,250t) and yacht Ćgusa (1242t) mined off Malta in field laid by German U73.
28 SS Drava requisitioned for timetabled transport service in the Bocche.
SS Tirol towed to Pola.
30 Tatra at Gjenovic.
British armed merchant vessel City of Lucknow (3677t) torpedoed by German U21 60 nm east of Malta.
Four Italian battleships based at Valona.
01 German and Bulgarian troops occupied Doiran.
Mon German U73 arrived at Cattaro. 
First of 299 MAS motor launches entered Italian service.
02 Tb 77T returned to service at Pola.
03 Velebit, Scharfschütze, Pandur and Csikós exchanged fire with enemy destroyers off Porto Corsini while supporting air raids against Ravenna and Corsini; Tb 76T, Tb 92F, Tb 93F, Tb 98M, Tb 99M and Tb 100M also in action..
04 Warasdiner and Tb 53T assisting Csepel, which had been torpedoed by French submarine Bernouilli (397t) south of San Remo/off Cattaro with loss of 13. Csepel secured by Balaton and towed to the Bocche; docked and made safe for further towing.
Tb 77T in the Bocche.
British Admiralty prize trawler Crownsin (137t) sunk by mine laid by Gerrman U73 near Malta.
09  Privately owned (Ragusea) and operated SS Dubrovnik torpedoed and sunk by French submarine Archimčde between San Giorgio di Lesina and Sabioncello peninsula; nearly 20 civilians lost. Austro-Hungarian Foreign Ministry protested.
10 Mb Primula requisitioned for use by Triest Naval Flying Station.
11 Tb 73F at Sebenico.
Mb Napheny and Mb Nada F 6 requisitioned for use by Lussin Command.
12 Saida at Kumbor. Tb 63T at Curzola. 
Tb 71F unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine off Lacroma.
13 Csepel towed alongside steamship Meran to Fiume, arriving 16 May.
Tb 66F at Sebenico. Tb 70F at Rogoznica. Tb 88F rescued downed flying boat L88i 4 nm off Cape Rodoni; towed her to Cattaro.
U6 caught in nets of British drifters Calistoga and Dulcie Doris, assisted by gunfire from Evening Star II, and forced to surface and scuttle on Otranto Barrage; 20 PoWs taken.
14 Austro-Hungarians recaptured Adria shipyard at Monfalcone having lost it on 09 Jun 1915.
Tb 71F at Sebenico.
Tug Bergamo requisitioned by Army Authorities at Zelenika.
15 Austro-Hungarian Trentino offensive started.
SS Bellena damaged by grounding; returned to her owners.
17 SS Sirena returned to her owners.
Italian steamer Stura destroyed; equipment salved by French destroyer Faulx (720t).
Air raids on Udine and Venice.
22 SS Nesazio requisitioned.
22 or 27 Mb Leni seized off Punta Grossa in Gulf of Triest by Italian MAS 19 and crew of 3 taken PoW; tow released following Austrian air attack and coastal bombardment; regained and taken back to Triest but damaged.
23  Reka released from repair at Pola following damage sustained 26 Feb.
Scharfschütze, Dinara, Reka, Velebit, Tb 75T, Tb 89F, Tb 92F, Tb 98M, Tb 99M and Tb 100M supporting air raids against Venice and Padua; Tb 75T exchanged fire with Italian torpedo boats 21 OS and 22 OS (134t) 20 nm east south east of Malomocco (one lost); Tb 99M unsuccessfully attacked by enemy submarine 15 nm from Malamocco.
Tb 86F joined fleet.
24 Tb 99M towed towed Tb 75T to Pola for repair.
Mb Adriaco returned to her owners; Mb Albatros requisitioned.
26 Italian torpedo boat raided Gulf of Triest damaging a coal quay; returned to Grado. Pilot was an Austrian deserter.
27 Tug/tender Marte transferred to the Bocche.
British collier Trunkby (2635t) sunk by U-Boot 50 nm south by east of Minorca.
28  Admiral Haus promoted to be Austria’s first (and only) Grand Admiral.
British merchant vessel Lady Ninian (4297t) captured by U-Boot 106 nm north east of Algiers; one lost.
29 Large Italian torpedo boat 24OS (120t) penetrated Triest harbour and fired two torpedoes unsuccessfully.
British merchant vessels Elmgrove (3018t), Southgarth (2414t) and Baron Vernon (1779t) captured by U-Boot 66 nm north east of Algiers, 60 nm north north east of Algiers and 56 nm north east of Algiers respectively.
Serbian government moved from Corfu to Saloniki.
30 British armed merchant vessel Dalegarth (2265t) captured by U-Boot 12 nm north east of Algiers. British merchant vessels Julia Park (2900t) and Baron Tweedmouth (5007t) captured by U-Boot 10 nm north of and 25 nm north east by north of Cape Carbon, Algeria, respectively.
31 Helgoland, Balaton and Orjen (plus Tb 77T, Tb 79T and Tb 81T) in attack on Otranto Barrage while seeking troop transports operating out of Valona; Orjen sank one British drifter, Beneficent (80t), by torpedo off Saseno.
Allied navies completed convoy of 125,000 Serb troops from Corfu to Salonika.
Battle of Jutland - costly but indecisive confrontation between British and German fleets.
31/01 Orjen, Balaton, Tb 77T, Tb 79T and Tb 81T in action against Otranto barrage.
01 Tb 80T under repair in Pola until 26 Jun.
Thurs Gottfried Banfield’s first kill - Italian bomber over Triest.
British merchant vessels Dewsland (1993t) and Salmonpool (4905t) captured by U-Boot 28 nm and 30 nm north east by north from Cape Carbon, Algeria., respectively.
Allied drifter sunk by gunfire from two Austro-Hungarian torpedo boats.
02 Tb 59T at Sebenico.
03 Csepel brought ashore at Porto Ré for major repairs to her stern.
04 Italian submarine Atropo (231t) sank SS Albanien (1122t) without warning 5 nm south of Dolfin Island.
French flotilla pursued two German or Austro-Hungarian submarines believed to be homeward bound for Cattaro as far as Otranto Barrage; two Italian destroyers continued pursuit.
British submarine B7 (287t) badly damaged by Austro-Hungarian aircraft off Pola.
Start of further Brussilow Offensive along 300 km of the Eastern Front.
British cruiser Hampshire sunk with loss of Field Marshall Kitchener, British Minister of War.
05 French destroyer Fantassin (450t) lost by collision with French destroyer Mameluk (530t) at Corfu.
06 First two Italian MAS began operations.
07 Italian MAS5 and MAS7 (16t), towed from Brindisi by torpedo boats 34PN and 38PN (120t) and escorted by four French destroyers, torpedoed SS Lokrum (924t) in Durazzo harbour.
08 Reka submarine-searching off Porer and in Gulf of Fiume.
Italian armed merchant cruiser Principe Umberto (7838t) sunk by torpedo from U5 off Linguetta; 2,000 of 2,800 Italian soldiers lost.
Demonstrations in Wien against irregularities in supply of eggs and fat.
09 SS Arsa unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine near Point Nera in the Quarnero.
Austro-Hungarian successes on Tirol front.
10 SS Dalmazia requisitioned to transport bauxite. Mb Sloboda hired for Army use.
12 Italian destroyers raided Parenzo; sought by Tb 92F, Tb 98M and Tb 99M.
13 Turul ran aground near Cape Planka en route from Pola to Cattaro. Unsuccessful attempt by tugs SS Pronta and SS Belrorie to tow her clear.
14 Tb 71F at Curzola.
15 Wildfang in action against three enemy destroyers near San Giovanni di Medua.
Unsuccessful attack on German U35 by French destroyer Arquebuse (298t).
Italians retook Monfalcone town and shipyard; heavy fighting around Görz.
16 Turul pulled free by Hercules, SS Pronta and SS Belrorie; Uskoke assisted. Herkules towed her to Pola, arriving 18 Jun, where she was under repair until 31 Jul.
British merchant vessel Gafsa (3922t) captured by U-Boot south west by south from Genoa.
17 Conrad called off Trentino offensive; continued heavy fighting on Isonzo front.
Tb 94F joined fleet.
18 Dampfer XIV broke cable from San Giovanni di Medua and raised it in part; connection made with Dulcigno 20 May.
British merchant vessels Rona (1312t) and Beachy (4718t) captured by U-Boot 90 nm west of Cape Falcone, Sardinia and 98 nm north east by east from Port Mahon, Minorca, respectively.
19 SS Nesazio began duties as escort vessel.
20 Tb 67F from Rogoznica to Pola.
SS Adelsberg struck floating mine between Spalto and Fiume; sunk with loss of 3 men.
21 SS Elektra returned to her owners.
23 Streiter shelled factory in Tronto estuary and railway line near Giulianova.
Uskoke shelled Giulianova and railway line near San Bernadetto.
U15 sank French destroyer Fourche (720t; 30 of 500 lost) and Italian armed merchant carrier Cittŕ di Messina (1022t) 20 nm east of Otranto; daytime cruiser protection of Otranto Barrage withdrawn.
24 Tb 53T and Tb 88Fassisted U15, handing over tow to Tatra near Point Remo.
25 Austro-Hungarians withdrew to prepared line, holding two thirds of gains from 15 May Trentino offensive.
25/26 Two Italian MAS boats torpedoed SS Sarajevo in Durazzo harbour; later salved.
26 Tb 80T returned to service.
SS Wien returned to her owners following damage to her propellers.
French submarine Le Verrier (397t) attacked by Austro-Hungarian torpedo boats off Cape Planka.
Tb 13 attacked by enemy submarine 14 nm south of Punta Remo.
27 Teodo and Tb 80T put to sea.
British merchant vessel Windermere (2292t) scuttled following capture by U-Boot 58 nm south south east of Port Mahon, Minorca; 12 lost.
28 Italian torpedo boat Serpente (210t) sunk off Cape Santa Maria di Leuca after collision with Italian merchant ship Cittŕ di Bari.
29 Tb 56T, Tb 77T and Tb 88F minelaying off Cape Rodoni. Tb 79T minelaying off Rovigno.
Tender/tug Elöre mineseeking off Caisole, Cherso; one raised mine exploded killing three.
Mb Sloboda transferred to unidentified Flying Station. Mb Emmy rehired.
30 Tb 51T at Pola for maintenance until 15 Jul.
British armed merchant vessel Moeris (3409t) torpedoed by U-Boot 46 nm south east of Crete; three lost.
01 Tb 80T in the Bocche.
Sat Austro-Hungarian raid on Strait of Otranto.
Italy ordered large numbers of MAS.
01/02 Csikós on aircraft support duties; in action against Italian destroyers.
03 SS Sirena rehired.
03/04 Tatra, Orjen and Tb 83F in action in Strait of Otranto.
04 Helgoland, Balaton and Tb 85F in action in Otranto Straits.
Reka submarine-searching off Porer and in Gulf of Fiume. Velebit submarine-searching. Tb 67F and Tb 72F hunting enemy submarine in Gulf of Fiume.
SS Nesazio attacked by enemy submarine in Gulf of Fiume. SS San Mauro struck by torpedo which failed to explode (Gulf of Fiume also).
Tug F rehired.
05 German U39 landed eight men with munitions on Libyan coast to support rebels.
First guerrilla actions against Austro-Hungarian Army in Serbia and Montenegro (continued for the duration).
07 Austro-Hungarian U-Boot, making for Cattaro, became entagled in Otranto drifter’s nets but broke free.
SS Nada hired for use as military transport between Fiume and Albania.
09 Novara sank British drifters Astrum Spei (82t) and Clavis (87t) in Otranto Barrage, damaged two more, Frigate Bird and Ben Bui, and took nine PoWs; drifter line subsequently moved further south.
Very heavy shelling on Isonzo front.
10 Tb 75T in action against two enemy destroyers.
U17 sank Italian destroyer Impetuoso (672t) in Strait of Otranto.
10/11 Further Austro-Hungarian U-Boot temporarily trapped on Otranto Barrage
11 Tb 91F joined fleet. Tb 92F seeking enemy torpedo boats near Parenzo.
12 SS Liburnia requisitioned as escort vessel based at Fiume.
13 Italian journalist and politician Cesare Battisti sentenced to death for desertion and high treason and executed at Trient.
14 Damaged Italian submarine Balilla (728t) scuttled off Cape Planka to escape surrender to Tb 65F and Tb 66F, which had attacked her. Tb 65F damaged; under repair at Pola until Sep 1916.
British merchant vessel Antigua (2876t) captured by U-Boot 20 nm off Jidjelli, Algeria.
Further heavy fighting on Tirol front.
15 Tb 51T to Gjenovic from Pola following maintenance.
Mb Primula purchased.
British submarine H3 mined and sunk off Cattaro.
British merchant vessel Sylvie captured by U-Boot 15 nm off Cape Sigli, Algeria.
16 Streiter and Uskoke minelaying off Lissa.
British merchant vessel Wilton Hall (3387t) captured by U-Boot 65 nm off Algiers. British armed merchant vessel Euphorbia (3837t) torpedoed by U-Boot 56 nm off Algiers; eleven lost.
17 Tb 70F at Curzola. Tb 71F at Sebenico.
SS Hrvat started work as bauxite transport at Fiume.
British merchant vessel Rosemoor (4303t) captured by U-Boot 80 nm off Algiers.
18 British merchant vessel Llongwen (4683t) captured by U-Boot 90 nm off Algiers; 14 lost.
19 Reka and Tb 93F submarine-searching off Porer and in Gulf of Fiume.
20 British merchant vessels Grangemoor (3198t) and Karma (3710t) captured by U-Boot 75 nm and 68 nm off Algiers respectively. British merchant vessel Yzer (3538t) torpedoed by U-Boot 56 nm off Algiers; one lost.
21 Huszar at Pola for repair; in dock until 29 Aug.
Mb Mignon requisitioned by Army Authorities.
British merchant vessel Wolff (2443t) captured by U-Boot 75 nm off Algiers.
22 Tb 69F mineseeking in the Quarnero. Tb 94F, Tb 98M and Tb 99M mineseeking in the Quarnerolo.
SS Carola collided with SS Mátyás Király between Dulcigno and Melena and sank.
British merchant vessel Knutsford (3842t) and armed merchant vessel Olive (3678t) captured by U-Boot 12 nm and 10 nm off Cape Corbelin, Algeria, respectively.
22/3/7 Csikós mineseeking in Quarnerolo.
24 Mb Samurai destroyed by friendly fire near Grado.
23 British merchant vessel Badminton (3847t) captured by U-Boot 63 nm off Cape Corbelin, Algeria.
26 Tb 92F undergoing trials with fog equipment.
27 Novara in aborted raid on Durazzo following contact with Italian cruiser Puglia (2538t) and French destroyer Bouclier (692t). 
Austro-Hungarian seaplane bombing raids on Bari and Otranto.
30 German UB44 caught in nets of British drifter Quarry Knowe; British drifters Farrigil, Meg and Bono came to assistance; two depth charges were dropped and UB44 was never heard from again.
30/31 Novara in action against Italian coast with Tb 83F and Tb 88F.
31 Satellit picked up boat from Italian submarine Giacinto Pullino (345t), which had run aground at Galiola Reef in the Quarnaro; Tb 4 rescued the crew.
Turul returned to service. SS Izvor returned to her owners.
01 Italian submarine Giacinto Pullino captured but sank while under tow. Her pilot, Lieutenant Nazario
Tues Sauro, was hanged by the Austro-Hungarians at Pola as he was an Austro-Hungarian citizen. (Giacinto Pullino was raised by Italian Navy 28 Feb 1931 and scrapped.)
Turul underwent sea trials following repair at Pola and prior to departure for Gjenovic next day.
Tb 69F towed downed enemy aircraft to Pola. Tb 82F joined fleet.
Italians bombed Whitehead factory at Fiume using 24 Capronis; extensive fire and damage, and tender/tug Elöre sunk during raid; three lost and seven wounded; salved 16-18 Aug.
02 Magnet attended attempted raising of Italian submarine Giacinto Pullino; torpedoed by Italian submarine Salpa (248t) on return passage to Lussin. Towed to Pola, as still afloat.
Wildfang and Warasdiner, with Aspern, Tb 80T and Tb 85F in support form Gjenovic, shelled Molfetta harbour; Warasdiner engaged with French-Italian destroyer group. Wildfang and Warasdiner pursued to within 15 nm of Cattaro; shelled by French destroyer Commandant Bory (720t) and Italian destroyer Giuseppe Cesare Abba (770t). Destroyer group unsuccessfully attacked by Aspern and U4.
SS Bellaura ran aground near Rogoznica; refloated 11 Aug.
Austro-Hungarian saboteurs blew up and capsized Italian battleship Leonardo da Vinci (23,000t) in Taranto; 248 dead.
03 Iron-based coinage introduced in Austria-Hungary.
04 Start of Sixth Battle of the Isonzo (until 17 Aug) by Italians.
Tb 78T searching for enemy submarines in Gulf of Fiume.
Mb Mignon requisitioned for use by Lussin Command.
06 Csepel towed to Danubius at Bergudi; in dock until 29 Aug.
Italian navy began transporting and supplying troops for Macedonian front.
Montenegrin Prime Minister proposed union to Serbia; no reply.
07 British merchant vessels Trident (3129t) and Newburn (3554t) torpedoed by U-Boot 34 nm off Dragonera Islands, Majorca.
08 Tb 90F joined fleet.
09 British submarine B10 (287t) destroyed by Austro-Hungarian air raid (eight aircraft from Triest led by Banfield and thirteen from Pola) on Venice dockyards where she was undergoing conversion to surface patrol boat. (First submarine ever to be destroyed from the air.)
Görz finally taken by Italians after prolonged fighting.
10 Tb 79T to Cattaro. Tb 89F, Tb 91F, Tb 94F and Tb 98M supporting air raid on Venice when engaged by Italian destroyers. Tb 100M towed downed flying boat G3 to Pola.
British trawler Irawadi (238t) wrecked on Tigani Rocks, Eastern Mediterranean.
Italian picket boat Meloris (86t; ex-Spanish merchant ship Efeso) sunk off Valona by mine.
Further air raid on Venice dockyards.
14 British special service ship Rememberance (3660t) sunk by U-Boot in Mediterranean.
Italian Q-ship Pantelleria (ex motor schooner Cuore Di Gesu’) torpedoed by U4 south of Taranto.
15 Tatra on aircraft support duty; took downed flying boat K457 in tow.
16 Tb 87F supporting air raid on Valona; recovered flying boat L87.
SS Elöre salved.
In Austria, requisitioning of metal from private households began.
17 Secret treaty between Romania and Allies.
Italians ended Sixth Battle of the Isonzo following gains of three to four miles.
British armed steamer Zaida (350t) sunk in Gulf of Alexandretta by German U38.
Air raid on Venice.
19 kuk Seeflugleitung established as part of kuk Kriegsmarine.
SS Pozsony sunk by mine in Durazzo Harbour; 31 lost and 139 rescued recovery operation started 20 Aug.
20 Tb 88F in action against Italian coast.
German U35 returned to Cattaro following record-breaking 25-day cruise (had sunk 54 ships).
Talks between Austria-Hungary and Montenegro broken off.
21 Tb 73F to Pola.
23  Scharfschütze ran aground during exercises at Veruda and was seriously damaged; pulled off by four tugs and Tb 7 and Tb 24 and towed to Pola.
Mb Scirocco returned to her owners.
25 Tb 85F brought flying boat L81 from Durazzo to Cattaro.
26 Uskoke at Pola.
British drifter Rosie (84t) on Otranto Barrage sunk by Austro-Hungarian aircraft L132.
27 ROMANIAN DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST AUSTRIA; Romania invaded Hungarian Transylvania.
Austria-Hungary seized two Romanian tugs at DaBud yard in Budapest. Eventually dismantled and transferred by rail to Fiume for service as T162 and T163.
SS Africa ran aground off Durazzo.
Ulan transferred from Pola with 2nd torpedo flotilla to Sebenico for reconnaissance and escort duties.
Sankt Georg, Kaiser Karl VI, Tb 83F, Tb 85F and Tb 88F in action against Italian coast (Brindisi sector).
29 Start of fighting on Hungarian-Romanian front.
Italian destroyer Audace (750t) lost by collision with SS Brasile, which she was escorting, off Cape Colonna, Ionian Sea.
Huszar returned to service at Pola; Csepel returned to service at Bergudi.
Tb 57T and Tb 58T in action at Pelagosa.
Huszar at Cattaro.
Mb Mignon acquired from Army and attached to Lussin.
31 British merchant vessel Duart (3108t) captured by U-Boot 60 nm off Shershel, Algeria.
SS Elektra rehired.
Fri Tb 74T at Pola.
13 Austro-German ships (which had been interned by Greece) seized by Allied fleet.
British merchant vessel Baron Yarborough (1784t) captured by U-Boot 27 nm north west of Dragonera Islands, Majorca. British armed collier Swift Wings (4465t) sunk by U-Boot 18nm off Algeria; two lost.
One meat-free day per week declared in Austria-Hungary.
02 Csepel on sea trials.
SS Bellaura returned to her owners.
British merchant vessel Strathallan (4404t) captured by U-Boot 20 nm north east of Philippeville, Algeria; master taken PoW.
03 Mackensen’s Danube army (Central Powers) invaded Dobrujia.
04 Tb 94F at Fiume for boiler repairs until 20 Sep. Tb 98M to Cattaro. Tb 99M at Cattaro. Tb 100M at Gjenovic.
British merchant vessel Laristan (3675t) captured by U-Boot 30 nm west of Gozo; Master taken PoW.
06 British drifter Manzanita (93t) wrecked on Ugenti Rocks, Adriatic.
07 Tb 76T at Pola.
British armed merchant vessel Achaia (2733t) mined at entrance to Oran harbour.
09 Tb 92F at Cattaro.
10 Admiral Haus and Pola-based German U-Boot chief Lt Kophamel agreed to split German U-Boot fleet retroactively between the two flags for prize court legal purposes.
British motor launch ML149 (37t) destroyed by fire at Taranto.
12 Start of Allied offensive in Macedonia.
Tb 64F at Pola for repair.
13 Air raid against Cervignano.
Triest bombed by flight of 22 Italian bombers.
14 Italians started Seventh Battle of the Isonzo (until 17 Sep).
British collier Inverbervie (4309t) sunk by torpedo from U-Boot 17nm south by west from Cape Rizzuto, Italy; six lost.
15 French submarine Foucault (397t) sunk 10 nm off Cattaro by Austro-Hungarian flying boats L132 and L135, which then landed to save submarine’s crew. Tb 100M assisted in crew rescue.
First submarine ever to be sunk at sea by aircraft
17 End of Seventh Battle of the Isonzo.
Mb Nautilus IV requisitioned and attached to Kaiser Max.
British merchant vessel Lord Tredegar (3856t) torpedoed by U-Boot 51 nm south east by east from Malta; four lost.
18 Mb Labud requisitioned and attached to Zara in the Bocche.
19 SS Sarajevo at Pola.
20 Tb 69F to Cattaro.
21 Tb 19 at Sebenico.
German Kaiser declared opposition to air raids on Italian cities; two German navy Zeppelins not therefore transferred to Austria, who lacked spare suitable aircrew in any case.
23 Csepel on sea trials.
Tb 77T, Tb 78T and Tb 82F minelaying off Po delta.
24 Tb 74T minelaying off Po delta.
25 Tb 80T at Pola. Tb 94F transferred to Gjenovic.
26 Wildfang and Huszar unsuccessfully seeking enemy transports between Valona and Brindisi. Turul and Warasdiner in attack on Valona.
Recovered mine being defused in outer harbour at Rogoznica expolded killing three each from Tb 52T and Tb 66F.
British auxilliary patrol paddler Stirling Castle (271t) sunk by explosion off west coast of Malta. British merchant vessel Strathe (2623t) captured by U-Boot 50 nm east by south from Barcelona. British merchant vessel Dunrobin (3617t) fought off attack by German U35 between Cape San Sebastian and Majorca.
27 Tb 95F joined fleet.
28 British merchant vessel Newby (2168t) captured by U-Boot 53 nm east from Barcelona. British armed merchant vessel Boddam (3218t) captured by U-Boot 76 nm east south east from Barcelona; master taken PoW.
Reka at Pola under repair until 15 Nov. Tatra on convoy assignments until Nov.
01 Orjen under repair at Pola until 22 Oct.
Sun Tb 51T transferred from Gjenovic to Pola.
From this date German U-Boots, except U35, U38 and U39, ceased to wear Austro-Hungarian flag, but new arrivals were still allocated Austro-Hungarian numbers as their original German numbers sometimes duplicated those of Austro-Hungarian-manned units. 
SS Slavija and SS Vodice in collision.
02 Tb 58T at Sebenico.
French sloop Rigel (1250t) torpedoed by German U35 off Algiers.
04 Tb 53T and Tb 56T to Pola for patrol duties in the Quarnero. 
German U35 sank French auxiliary cruiser Gallia (1913t; carrying French and Serb troops) off Cape Matapan; 600 of 2000 on board lost. 
German UB47 sank empty British troopship Franconia (18,150t) 195 miles south east of Malta; 12 lost.
04/05 Tb 87F , Tb 99M and Tb 100M in action in Otranto Straits and along Italian coast.
07 Csepel on sea trials. Tb 85F at Pola.
SS Tirol returned to service as hospital ship.
08 Italy started Eighth Battle of the Isonzo (until 12 Oct).
Tb 68F shelled by three Italian destroyers while making for Durazzo. Tb 93F at Pola.
09 Dinara to Parenzo from Pola with Tb 81T and Tb 89F; found flying boat L124 and took her in tow.
10 Dinara at Pola.
Mb Anna Maria requisitioned for use by Naval Architect’s Branch, Gjenovic.
11 Greek Fleet forcibly disarmed by Allies following ultimatum.
British armed merchant vessel Crosshill (5002t) sunk by U-Boot 60 nm west of Malta; four lost.
12 End of Eighth Battle of the Isonzo - Italians gained two miles for 24,000 casualties but had taken 8200 PoWs.
Tb 77T attacked by enemy seaplanes 12 nm west of Peneda. Tb 98M under repair at Pola.
12/13 Tb 93F in trials with fog equipment.
13 Romanians mainly out of Hungarian Transylvania.
Tb 76T at Cattaro.
Tug Pluto unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine in the Quarnero.
Mb Puntisella requisitioned for use as standby boat for Adria.
16 Velebit to Cattaro.
Tb 78T at Pola. Tb 86F at Gjenovic.
17 Italian SS Bermuda rammed and sank U16, which had sunk Italian destroyer Nembo (330t) off Albanian coast (on escort duty from Valona to Santi Quaranta).
Athens occupied by French and British troops.
19 Uskoke undergoing boiler repairs until 07 Nov.
Warasdiner to Pola.
Central Powers broke through across the Donau into Romania near Cernavoda.
20 Versuchsgleitboot discarded.
SS Graf Wurmbrand requisitioned as Spitalschiff IV for use on shuttle service between Durazzo and the Bocche.
21 SS Nad hired briefly for use at Metkovic.
22 Constanza fell to Central Powers.
Velebit in action in Strait of Otranto; one drifter sunk and one enemy destroyer set on fire.
Orjen returned to service.
British armed merchant vessel Cluden (3166t) sunk by U-Boot 11 nm west of Cape Tenez, Algeria; four lost. British merchant vessel W. Harkess (1185t) captured by U-Boot 17 nm west of Cape Tenez, Algeria.
23 Tb 89F and Tb 91F escorted Teodo to Cattaro.
24 Orjen at Gjenovic. Tb 59T returned to Sebenico from overhaul at Pola.
SS Quarnero I hired for use by 19 Corps.
26 Scharfschütze to Cattaro. Tb 54T to Pola in convoy. Tb 91F at Gjenovic. Hospital ship SS Metkovich at Kumbor
29 Tb 89F at Gjenovic. Tb 93F at Pola for engine repairs.
Greek volunteer transport Angeliki torpedoed in Aegean by U-Boot.
30 Csepel to Cattaro.
Italy to reinforce Otranto Barrage with additional drifters and aircraft.
Remaining British B Class submarines withdrawn fron Venice.
31 Streiter in dock for boiler replacement. Tb 98M undergoing sea trials.
Banfield made a kill flying fighter A3.
British armed merchant vessel Glenlogan (5838t) sunk by U-Boot 10 nm south east from Stromboli.
Tb 65F at Curzola.
British H Class submarines began to arrive at Venice.
01 Weds Start of Ninth Battle of the Isonzo by Italy (until 04 Nov).
01/02 Fasana road off Pola raided by Italian torpedo boats and MAS 20; unsuccessfully torpedoed Mars. Italian torpedo boat 9PN (120t) unsuccessfully torpedoed Pola harbour barrage.
02 Tb 76T at Pola. Tb 84F joined fleet. Mb Adria requisitioned for use at Fiume Air Base.
German U21 unsuccessfully attacked British Q-ship Saros (3683t; properly Bradford City) between Gibraltar and Malta.
03 SS Vitez hired for transport of liquid fuels within the Bocche.
British merchant vessel Statesman (6153t) sunk by U-Boot 200 nm east of Malta; six lost.
04 End of Ninth Battle of the Isonzo following further heavy Italian casualties and many Austro-Hungarian PoWs taken.
Tb 83F at Pola. Tb 88F shelled arsenal at San Elpido. Tb 95F at Gjenovic.
Italian picket boats raided Durazzo, sinking one Austro-Hungarian steamer but losing MAS 7 following collision with torpedo boat 36PN.
British armed merchant vessels Clan Leslie (3937t) and Huntsville (5398t) sunk by U-Boot 200 nm east of Malta; three lost and seven lost respectively.
Tb 82F to Cattaro. Tb 87F transferred to Pola.
06 Dinara under repair until 24 Nov.
German UB43 torpedoed and sank British armed liner Arabia (7933t) 112 nm west by south of Cape Matapan.
07 Uskoke returned to service, mineseeking on Istrian coast for rest of Nov and Dec.
Wilson elected President of USA by narrow majority.
08 Balaton to Pola.
09 Balaton damaged during exceptional manoeuvre.
12 British armed merchant vessel Kapunda (3383t) sunk by U-Boot 205 nm east south east of Malta.
13 Pandur searching for submarines in Quarnerolo.
German UC15 left Constantinople; lost without trace.
14 French armed liner Burdigala (12,000t) sunk by mine laid by German U73 in Zea Channel, Aegean.
15 Reka returned to service.
Szigetvár and Tb 60T to Triest for mineseeking and convoy duties.
17 Tb 68F at Pola.
19 SS Tátra requisitioned as armed escort vessel.
20 Tb 90F at Gjenovic.
Austro-Hungarian troops took Crajova.
British hospital ship Britannic (48,158t; sister ship of Titanic) sunk by mine laid by German U73 in Zea Channel, Aegean; 21 lost. (Largest ship sunk during War.)
22  Huszar onto Pola station.
SS Monfalcone successfully out-manoeuvred six torpedoed from a French submarine in the Quarnero.
22/23 British hospital ship Braemar Castle (6318t) sunk by mine laid by German U73 in Zea Channel, Aegean.
German Army under Mackensen crossed Donau near Svistow and headed for Bucharest.
Tb 96F joined fleet.
24 Reka from Sebenico to Cattaro. Dinara returned to service.
Austro-Hungarian troops occupied Orsova and Turnu-Severin.
25  Dinara undergoing sea-trials. SS Senj in collision with U11 in the Bocche. SS Nibbio rehired for local use at Castelnuovo.
26 British drifter Michaelmas Daisy (99t) sunk by mine near Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy.
27 Dinara escorted Dampfer XIV to Sebenico and Cyklop to Cattaro; arrived 29 Nov. Tb 84F to Cattaro.
British armed merchant vessel Reapwell (3417t) sunk by U-Boot 148 nm north west by north from Alexandria.
28 Tb 66F at Pola for overhaul. Tb 82F, Tb86F, Tb 89F, Tb 90F and Tb 91F in action against Otranto barrage (Tb 82F rammed Tb 89F).
British armed merchant vessels King Malcolm (4351t) and Moresby (1763t) sunk by U-Boot 144 nm and 120 nm north west by west from Alexandria respectively.
29 Tb 89F to Pola for repair.
British transport Minnewaska (14,317t) struck mine laid in Suda Bay by UC23. British armed merchant vessel Luciston mined 4 nm east of Dellamara Point, Malta.
Romanian troops in retreat everywhere.
Tb 14 at Pola for overhaul until 30 Dec.
01 Warasdiner under repair at Pola until 14 Jan 1917.
Fri Tatra undergoing engine repairs and change of boilers at Pola until 31 Dec.
Austro-Hungarians bombed Vincenza.
British armed merchant vessel Burcombe (3516t) torpedoed by U-Boot 100 nm south east by east from Malta; eight lost.
02 Following opposition from Greek royalist troops, Allies declared blockade and embargoed all Greek vessels.
Orders placed for six 500t submarines (U101 to U106) due for commissioning Dec 1918 to Jun 1919; none were completed before end of War.
British armed merchant vessel Istrar (4582t) torpedoed by U-Boot 120 nm north north west of Alexandria; one lost.
03 British special service ship Perugia (4348t) sunk by U-Boot in Gulf of Genoa.
04 SS Elektra returned to her owners.
British armed merchant vessel Caledonia (9223t) torpedoed by German U65 125 nm east by south from Malta; one lost.
British monitor Earl of Peterborough (5900t) arrived at Venice from Aegean to support Italian Army.
06 Fall of Bucharest to Central Powers.
Greek SS L G Goulandris sunk by German U39 north west of Alexandria; master given a certificate signed by Forstmann, commander of U39!
09 Order placed for nine motor torpedo boats (Mb 107 class); only three were ever completed.
10 Hostilities ceased in Romania. 
11 Italian battleship Regina Margherita (13,400t) sunk by two mines laid by German UC14 off Valona with loss of 674; Italy withheld news of loss until 20 Jan 1917.
12 German peace note indicating to Allies willingness to negotiate in a neutral country.
Orjen at Castelnuovo.
British armed merchant vessel St. Ursula (5011t) torpedoed by U-Boot 45 nm south east by south from Malta; four lost.
12/13 At least 6,000 Austro-Hungarian troops lost on Tirol front due to avalanches.
13 Reka escorted U60 (German UC20) from Porto Rose to Curzola. Tb 92F to Pola for repairs.
British armed merchant vessel Bretwalda (4037t) torpedoed by U-Boot 220 nm east by south from Malta.
14 British armed merchant vessels Westminster (4342t; 15 lost) and Russian (8825t; 28 lost) torpedoed by U-Boot 196 nm and 210 nm east by south from Malta respectively.
15 Csikós arrived at Pola with U60.
Kaiser Karl and Kaiser Wilhelm visited Pola; showed particular interest in submarine facilities.
16 Blitz to Pola for patrol duties.
SS Cetina requisitioned as armed escort vessel.
17 SS San Mauro unsuccessfully torpedoed by enemy submarine three times near Veglia.
British drifters incorrectly claimed U20 as a kill on Otranto barrage.
18 Turul mineseeking.
19 Tb 57T at Pola.
20 Mb Dora requisitioned for use at Pola Harbour, then Brioni U-boot School.
British armed merchant vessel Itonus (5340t) torpedoed by U-Boot 60 nm north west by north from Malta; five lost.
21 Tb 68F sustained light damage during air raid.
British armed oiler Murex (3564t) sunk by U-Boot 94nm north west from Port Said; one lost.
22 Tb 57T attacked by enemy aircraft; 6 injured.
Tb 97F joined fleet - last Austro-Hungarian fighting ship to enter service.
22/23 Scharfschütze in action in Strait of Otranto, sinking two armed steamships and setting enemy destroyer on fire. Also in action: Reka, Velebit (one drifter sunk - not confirmed - and one enemy destroyer set on fire) and Dinara (one drifter sunk - not confirmed - received two hits in action against French destroyer Commandant Rivičre (720t) and Italian torpedo vessels). German U38, entangled in barrage nets, was able to escape. In confusion, Italian destroyer Giuseppe Cesare Abba (770t) rammed French destroyer Casque (720t) at 31 knots and French destroyer Boutefeu (720t) rammed Giuseppe Cesare Abba. British drifters Gowan Lea badly damaged and Our Allies attacked. (First major engagement at night in Adriatic.)
23 German U52 able to transit Strait of Otranto on surface and without hindrance.
British armed merchant vessel Thistleban (4117t) torpedoed by U-Boot 5 nm north north west from Alexandria.
24 Novara at Pola.
26  German UC35 reached Cattaro from Kiel.
In response to a note from President Wilson, Central Powers propose a peace conference in a neutral country.
27 Pandur towed U16 from Cattaro to Pola (?hulk for breaking up).
French battleship Gaulois (11,260t) sunk by German UB47 30 nm east of Caero, Aegean, in spite of escort consisting of destroyer and two trawlers; 4 lost.
28  British armed merchant vessel Oronsay (3761t) torpedoed by U-Boot 48 nm south east of Malta.
30 Allies rejected Central Powers peace note.
Dinara to Pola for repair until 25 Feb 1917. Tb 14 to Sebenico from Pola following repair.
SS Marianne struck by local steamer Airone in Zara Channel; latter sank.
31 Uskoke and Tb 68F to Cattaro. Tatra returned to service.
At this date, 23 German U-Boots stationed in Adriatic.


By this point in the War, Austria-Hungary had mobilised nearly five million men, eight hundred thousand had been killed and one million had been badly wounded or were sick.